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Attempt to enable Firefox in IBM Rational Functional Tester results in failed to enable browser



This Technote explains how to resolve the error "Failed to enable browser. Browser location is C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox." that can occur when using IBM Rational Functional Tester (RFT).


Steps to reproduce: In RFT you try to the web browser Mozilla Firefox by clicking on Configure > Enable Environments for Testing... > [tab]Web Browsers. Click on the Search button.

Expected results: Detection and installation of the installed Mozilla web browser

Actual results: An error message dialog appears

The error in German is

    Brtiviert werden
    Browser konnte nicht aktiviert werden. Browserposition ist C:\Programme\Mozilla Firefox.


The user did not have local Administrator privileges.

Resolving The Problem

Users will need to have local Administrator privileges to enable Firefox.

  1. Close out all browser windows

  2. Go to Start > Control Panel.

  3. Double-click on User Accounts.

  4. Select the User Name and click on the Properties button.

  5. Click on Other and from the drop-down choose Administrator.

  6. Choose Apply and OK.

  7. Log off the machine and then log back in.

  8. Restart Rational Functional Tester and go to Configure > Enable Environments for Testing.

  9. lick on the Web Browser tab, highlight Mozilla Firefox and click on Enable. Firefox should now be successfully enabled.

Alternatively, you can refer to Technote 1320629: Batch sample scripts to enable a configured browser, Java environment or Eclipse platform from the command line.

If above options fail, check to ensure that your browser version is supported as documented in techdoc 7019698: List of supported domains for functional testing by releases of Rational Functional Tester version 8.2.

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29 September 2018