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Associated tasks are not visible in Change Request form



Attempts to exceed 100 Associated tasks in an IBM Rational Change CR results in "No asscoiated tasks" displayed.


If the number of Associated tasks in an Rational Change CR are more then 100, the following message is displayed on the CR form:

No associated tasks


The default limit set for the number of associated tasks to be displayed in a CR form is 100.


Windows 2003 server

Diagnosing The Problem

The default limit of 100 is for the number of associated tasks in the task_framework.cfg file.

The task_framework.cfg is located in CS52_HOME\...\WEB-INF\wsconfig directory.

If the number of tasks exceeds 100, the message "No associated tasks " appears on the CR form and no tasks are displayed.

Resolving The Problem

To resolve the issue:

  1. Increase the default query limit for the CCM_REPORT queries (located under the section Pre-defined Task Reports in task_framework.cfg file):

    For example:

    Associated Objects Control Report - 1000
    Associated Objects Control Skinny Report - 5000
    Associated Tasks Control Report - 1000
    Associated Baseline Control Report - 3000

  2. Restart Rational Change services for the changes to take affect.

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16 June 2018