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Are there multiple domains for Asset Status storage for different product versions?


It can be observed that there are multiple domains in the Maximo environment that are used for Asset Status, which includes the additional status of Asset Up and Asset Down. This document will clarify the purpose of the ASSETSTATUS, LOCSTATUS, and LOCASSETSTATUS domains across Maximo products and versions (as of this publication - subject to periodic review).

Users have observed that Maximo had previously stored Asset status changes in the ASSETSTATUS table but more recently had used the PLUSCASSETSTATUS table.

Users have also observed that the LOCASSETSTATUS Synonym Domain is being used for location status changes. This seemed to be redundant if the LOCSTAT Synonym Domain is also being used for this purpose.


These details should clarify the above observations...

ASSETSTATUS has always been used in Maximo for Asset Up and Asset Down status in the ASSET.ISRUNNING attribute. This is different than the ASSET.STATUS attribute, which uses domain values such as OPERATING, BROKEN, DECOMMISSIONED, NOT READY, etc.

These statuses were previously not persistently stored for core Maximo. The Calibration "add-on" provided this functionality, but it was done for Calibration only. Eventually, Calibration functionality became integrated with core Maximo product releases and it was determined that there was no reason why this should be limited to Calibration-only records. For this reason, it became used in core Maximo as well. This is why Users see the PLUSCASSETSTATUS table in the database. This table was originally created for Calibration-only asset status in parallel with the ASSETSTATUS table which was already being used for Asset Up and Asset Down status.

Also, the LOCSTAT and ASSETSTAT domains are no longer used by Maximo. These were replaced several Feature Packs ago with the LOCASSETSTATUS domain to accommodate newer functionality.

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17 June 2018