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Ask the Experts session: Ask us anything about Notes and Domino Install and Upgrade - 07 April 2015 (Presentation, Audio Replay, Videos, Q&A)



IBM Collaboration Solutions (Lotus) Support wants to help you take full advantage of your products. IBM hosted an Ask the Experts session with Development and Support Engineers on April 7, 2015. The topic was "Patching the Notes/Domino JVM" with Amy Knox from the IBM Domino team presenting.




Patching the Notes/Domino JVM
  • JVM background and overview
  • Why patch the JVM?
  • Who needs to patch the JVM?
  • When to patch the JVM?
  • How to patch the JVM?
  • Recent Issues and Gotchas

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  • 44 minutes 21 seconds
  • Q&A begins at 22:00
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Q&A from Web chat

Q. What if Domino is running on IBM i?
Domino in IBM i does not have a JVM shipped within it. JVM is installed at the OS level.
JVM updates are provided via CUM PTFs and Java Group PTFs
Q. Is there some technote or doc explaining situation of existing Domino v8.5 and installing new v9 code + how perform upgrade of servers on IBM i platform ? From installation wizard I got feeling that installation of v9 is changing some settings also for existing v8.5 environment, or is it completely independent?
Domino on IBM i is muti-versioning, which means each version installs independently. Installation of Domino 9 will not affect your current Domino 8.5 servers/configuration. Upgrading an existing server is a separate step from installing the code.

Title: Domino 9.0.x for i: Installation and Upgrade

    Q. Can we selectively use the UPDDOMSVR cmd on Domino on i like in previous versions?
    Yes - it is no different with Domino 9.

    Q. Why aren't the JVM patches rolled into the most recent IFs?
    Because we want the JVM patch to be able to be installed on any IF installed. We use the Fix Packs to combine all IFs and JVM patches.

    Q. How long does a server Fix Pack install take?
    10 to 15 minutes roughly. Depends on the size of the binaries and your machine specs.

    Q. I have a Sametime server, Traveler server, Apps server, and a main Domino server. Do I install JVM update for each server or just on the main Domino server?
    IBM's recommendation is to upgrade the JVM on each of the Domino servers installed.

    Q. Can I upgrade the Fix Pack for a Domino server running 8.5.3FP2 straight to FP6 without having to install FP3, followed by FP4, and FP5 then to FP6? If I install FP6, does the Fix Pack include all the fixes for FP3 to FP5?
    Yes, you can install FP6 without installing FP3 through FP5; the Fix Packs are cumulative.

    Q. Can the JVM patch be ran silently?
    Yes. See the following technote for command line options that make the patcher silent.

    How to use the IBM Notes & Domino JVM installer

    Q. We are using domino 8.5.3FP3 on zLinux with icc system, should we need to upgrade JVM??
    IBM recommends installing 8.5.3 FP6, the latest Interim Fix, and the latest JVM patch

    Q. Does the version of JVM on the servers need to match the version of JM on the clients?
    They can be different; however, we recommend patching the environment to close any security loopholes. NOTE: You'd want the latest for both as you are probably fixing security issues.

    Q. Is there a need to run server maintenance (fixup,compact,updall) after installing latest JVM?
    No, that is not required.

    Q. Is there an official documentation from IBM about Domino 9 server and VMware? like disks configuration, Memory options. knowing that Domino eats the disk especially with large databases and any misconfiguration of the VM will cause problems.

    Q. Does upgrading Domino from 8.5.x (WS 2003/2008) to 9.0.1 (WS 2008/2012) also means backup software TSM / TDP to be upgraded as well?
    Upgrading from Domino 8.5 to 9.x should not require a different TSM version however you will want to check with the TSM team to confirm as it will still use the Domino API's.

    Q. I would like to know if we can upgrade Domino server to 9.0.1 on top of a Domino server running 8.5.3FP2?
    Yes, you can upgrade from 853FP2 directly to 9.0.1

    Q. To identify performance problem on my R9 server, is there a specific utility built-in or third party that can actually pinpoint the exact problem on my server? For example, problem is in Disk IO and shows me numbers. This would be very helpful to show to my clients in case there is a disk issue, to due VM misconfiguration or hardware problem...
    Whenever having a performance issue you will want to collect a full data set, NSD, consolelog and semdbebug file. If on AIX you would want to collect same thing as well as a perfpmr which can be reviewed by the AIX Team. Also some customer will collect show stat every 15 minutes to get baselines of the OS and stats to see if something jumps out.

    Q. Any best practice for Transactional Logging and VMware? knowing that enabling TL will cause lots of IO.
    Physical Volume or Array 2 - LUN 2 This LUN will host the transaction log files this long should be a dedicated volume and made up of minimum raid 1 or 10. You do not want to place or create to many transaction logs on the same volume or array as this will delegate performance and affect Domino Severs overall performance and responsiveness. For more information, see the following article:

    Best practices for Storage layouts for VMware and Domino Mail Servers

    Q. What resources do you recommend for using Smart Upgrade to upgrade from 8.5 to 9.0?
    Basic SmartUpgrade information:

    Previous Open Mic and Ask the Experts sessions:

    Overview of upgrading to 9.0x

    SURunAs Wizard:

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