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Ask the Experts Replay: Understanding IBM HTTP Server (IHS) Administration using the WebSphere Admin console



This "Ask the Experts" discusses information about Web Server Administration through WebSphere Administration Console.


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Ask the Experts session
13 October 2015 - 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM EDT
Time Questions asked
00:00 Silence
00:02 General introduction
01:05 Panel introduction
02:15 Technical introduction
02:43 What is 'Web Server Administration'?
03:51 What are the components of the web server admin?
07:54 What is the difference between DMGR console and a stand-alone WebSphere Application Server console?
08:48 How does the WCT affect the configuration of the web server admin?
13:58 What are the common problems?
18:58 Why does the plugin-cfg.xml contain both AppServer and WebServer ports definitions?
19:52 How can we ensure usage of Java™ 7 with the HTTP Server is compatibility with the settings of Java™ 6?
20:30 How best do we use virtual hosts definitions? Should it be One per AppServer or One per application or One per cell?
20:56 How do we define VirtualHostsGroups as they appear in the plugin-cfg.xml? They are different than virtual hosts in what ways?
21:44 What is the currently recommended, most secure, production cipher and server variables/setup configuration? Harold
22:44 When is it best to leave web server admin separate from AppServer admin? Are all setup and configuration functions accessible through either front end?
23:23 What is the 'best' way to protect the configuration? What is the 'best' way to back up and restore the configuration?
23:59 PCT Tools must be installed by using Root user. Is there any alternative to this restriction? See "Setting permission for the admin server" in Related Information for referenced URLs.
26:57 Server A host IHS instance and Server B and C host application server instance. One of the application servers has DMGR. Is that possible? How do we manage this scenario?
29:09 Can you secure the IHS admin services over an SSL connection. If so, where can I found the instruction? See "Setting permission for the admin server" in Related Information for referenced URLs.
29:51 We are running WebSphere Application Server V7, IHS V7, and TLS V1.0. What do I have to do to upgrade to TLS V1.1 & 1.2?
33:08 Our application deploys to a cluster of 5+ members. If the application fails to come up or if it is experiencing a problem on cluster #1, how do we stop the requests going to appserver when the application is having issues on WebSphere Application Server?
36:35 When I update the context root of an application, when should I generate and propagate the plug-in using the admin console?
35:59 We've set in the read/write timeout (under the Web server plug-in properties) a negative value in case of maintenance of a node to set a "down status" in a stopped node. Can we keep this configuration always on?
38:59 If we move IHS to another platform (i.e. Linux™), does this create an issue from a licensing standpoint
40:28 What is the recommended port for the IHS admin if the server is located on the DMZ?
41:21 Will PCT or WCT run in GUI mode WebSphere Application Server 8.5.5 in a Solaris environment?
43:44 Summary
44:15 Closing remarks
44:37 End of Call

Panel of Experts:
Bob Richter WebSphere Level 2 support for IHS and Plug-in Support Engineer
Harold Fanning WebSphere Level 2 support for WebSphere Edge Support Engineer



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28 October 2015

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