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Archive log directories are full and server will not start

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If a FULL database backup is not taken in time to prune the archive logs before the directory becomes full.


Tivoli Storage Manager server shuts down and archive log directory and active log directory are full. The server cannot be started again.


Prune the archive logs by running a DB2 database backup.

1. Create a directory on a drive/volume with enough space to hold a full DB2 database backup.

2. From the DB2 command prompt, issue the following commands:
db2 backup db tsmdb1 to <path to directory that was created in step 1>

Windows: db2 backup db tsmdb1 to C:\dbbackup
UNIX: db2 backup db tsmdb1 to /dbbackup

The following message will appear once the backup is complete:
Backup successful. The timestamp for this backup image is: 20090721130818
At the end of this backup, archive logs will start pruning.
Note: depending on the size of the database and archive logs, this could take a while to complete the backup.

3. Review the archive log directory. Is the drive/volume free space still low? You will have to decide if you need to run a second DB2 database backup to avoid having the archive logs fill up again before the next scheduled Tivoli Storage Manager database backup. This depends on the average growth of archive logs per day. Review the timestamps on the archive log.
If need, issue another DB2 database backup.

4. Start Tivoli Storage Manager server in foreground.
Open a command terminal and navigate to the server directory and issue the dsmserv command to start the correct instance.

5. Take a full database backup by issuing the following commands:
disable sessions
backup db type=full dev=<your device class>
enable sessions

Now that the Tivoli Storage Manager server is up and running, attention should be paid to see how often FULL Tivoli Storage Manager database backups are needed in order to prune the archive log directory.

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