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APM V8: Transactions data is missing, "No data available" in dashboard

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APM V8: Transactions data is missing, "No data available" in dashboard



APM V8.1.4 Interim Fix 06 or lower

To check the current fix level of APM Server, check the directory in APMHOME/ccm/fixes and look for server-* file. See example below:

# pwd

# ls server-*

Above listing shows that APM Server fix level is 8.1.4 IF0006.


APM 8.1.4 Monitoring agents for WebSphere MQ, DataPower, IBM Integration Bus (IIB) are showing "No data available" for Transaction Tracking dashboard widgets.

Transaction Tracking is enabled for the agents using "Agent Configuration" panel in dashboard.

For example, for MQ agent, following was done to enable transactions data collection:

System Configuration > Agent Configuration > Click Websphere MQ tab

> Select the check boxes for the queue managers that you want to monitor and take one of the following actions from the Actions list > Transaction Tracking > Enable.

Screenshot below shows the problem for WebSphere MQ agent - "Message Volume" widget:


Similarly Transaction Tracking data widgets for DataPower Appliance Agent (Transaction Volume); and for IBM Integration Bus Agent (IIB Volume) is showing "No data available".


Diagnosing the problem

Log into the APM server host. Check "min" server messages.log. Default path to this logs is /opt/ibm/apm/wlp/usr/servers/min/logs.

Look for following errors: [jcc][t4][10335][10366][4.22.29] Invalid operation: Connection is closed. ERRORCODE=-4470, SQLSTATE=08003



The problem shown in "Diagnosing the problem" section is resolved in the following interim fix:

This seems to be due to a defect fixed in the APM Server Interim Fix:


This fixes following defect:

  • 126877: Transaction tracking stops being written to the Datamart database for some DB2 errors


Apply the IF0007 or higher level APM Server fix. You can find the latest fix for APM server - use following FixCentral link, and look for "" string in the result:




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