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Current information on product status for APL2 and Workstation APL2


January 2021 - APL2 Withdrawal Announced

IBM has announced the withdrawal of the APL2 products for both mainframes and workstations.
Log-On Software will be offering replacement products with equivalent functionality.
Here is a link to the complete IBM announcement, including information about how to opt in
to receive information on the replacement products:

APL2 Online Documentation

  The complete APL2 library is available online in PDF format.   

APL2 for z/OS

September 2019 - z/OS 2.4 Update

z/OS 2.4 became available in September 2019.

There are no new APL2 PTFs required for z/OS 2.4.  If you are migrating to 2.4 directly from 2.2 or earlier, be sure that the APL2 PTFs that support 8-character user IDs (added in z/OS 2.3) are installed.      

APL2 requires updates to handle the 8-character IDs when constructing dataset names. Customers should install PTFs UI45233, UI45234 and UI59939 to obtain the changes. The PTFs can be installed on any release of z/OS.

Note: The AP2TIUSR sample user exit is replaced by these PTFs. Local modifications to AP2TIUSR should be backed up before installing the PTFs.

November 2018 - Performance APAR PH04434

A performance APAR for mainframe APL2 affects the dyadic iota, member and without primitives. The existing special case for vectors of character vectors has been extended to also handle vectors of integer vectors. The special case uses a form of hashing to improve the search time. Improvements of up to a factor of 10 can be realized, depending on array size.

To obtain this update, z/OS customers can order PTF UI59486. VM customers can order PTF UI58487.

Workstation APL2

May 2019 - Service Level 26

Workstation APL2 for Multiplatforms V2.0 Service Level 26 is available for the Windows platform only.

Highlights of this service level include:

  • The maximum print width is increased from 254 to 32767.
  • Fixes for user-reported problems in the interpreter and Session Manager.

A complete list of fixes included in this level will be found in the updated Service Information file.

November 2017 - Windows 10 Font Issue

After recent maintenance to Windows 10, the APL2 Image font does not display properly. The problem is not in APL2, but we use APL2 Image internally in several places, including the APL Assist bar.

A fix to APL2 to remove all internal usage of APL2 Image has been shipped in Service Level 25.

Until the problem in Windows is fixed, use of APL2 Image as your Session Manager font will not give good results. Select a different font with the Options->Font menu item.

This document is for general guidance only. All products referred to here are subject to availability.  Windows is a trademark of Microsoft Corporation.

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