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 APAR (Authorized Program Analysis Report)



Error Description

Please load and apply the BRMS 2017 Mar PTF.                    

Problem Summary

It is important to keep all systems in a BRMS network at the    
same level of BRMS PTFs.                                        
Fixes included in this PTF may reference enhancements. More    
information on these enhancements can be found on the BRMS web  
Additionally also review the media web page:                                     
Fixes in this PTF:                                              
1. N/A.                                                        
2. N/A.                                                        
3. In 7.1 and later, cloud volumes may not be deleted after    
4. In 7.1 and later, using STRRCYBRM to restore IFS (*LINK) data
from a parallel save may fail with MSGMCH0603.                  
5. In 7.1 and later, when specifying an invalid system name in  
the FROMSYS parameter on the WRKMEDIBRM command, messages      
MSGCPF4101 and MSGRNQ1217 will be posted.                      
6. In 7.1 and later, BRMS has been enhanced to support user    
defined tape media libraries to automatically mount volumes when
using fewer tape drives for restores than what was used for    
parallel saves. To enable this function, CRTDTAARA              
DTAARA(QUSRBRM/Q1AUSRMLB) TYPE(*CHAR).                          
7. In 7.1 and later,  when running STRMNTBRM or STREXPBRM   with
*YES specified for the EXPMED parameter , BRMS may incorrectly  
post MSGMCH1202 for versioned volumes.                          
8. N/A.                                                        
9. In 7.1 and later, the BRMS GUI client incorrectly shows      
secured volumes as unsecured volumes and unsecured volumes as  
secured volumes.                                                
10. In 7.2 and later, control group special values *ALLTEST,    
*ALLPROD, and *ASPnn have been enhanced to run a single command
for full saves.                                                
11. In 7.2 and later, cloud backups that span multiple volumes  
while saving QUSRBRM may fail.                                  
12. In 7.2 and later, the STRRCYBRM command using              
ACTION(*REPORT) with Domino recovery has been enhanced to remove
an IPL step.                                                    
13. N/A.                                                        
14. In 7.3 and later, the Recovery report ( QP1ARCY) report  has
been enhanced to include instructions to change the QSYSOPR    
message queue after the sign on in the 'Update System Name in  
BRMS Media Information' step.                                  
15. In 7.1 and later, the ANZLIBBRM report (QP1ALA) now has a  
better estimate in the summary section for *LINK data.          
16. In 7.1 and later, archiving spooled files using STRARCBRM  
may post message a MSGCPF0804.                                  
17. N/A.                                                        
18. In 7.1 and later, printing BRMS recovery reports (QP1ARCY)  
via the  STRRCYBRM or STRMNTBRM commands may be slow.          
19. In 7.1 and later, when using the IBM Cloud Storage Solutions
for i, BRMS may leave non-turn key volumes in a bad state.      
20. In 7.2 and later, incremental saves for spooled file data in
multiple libraries by SAVLIBBRM or backup control groups not    
show in WRKSPLFBRM.                                            
21. In 7.1 and later, when using IBM Cloud Storage Solutions for
i, turn key devices for restores are incorrectly created at non
*HOME locations.                                                
22. In 7.1 and later, BRMS has been enhanced to prevent        
unlicensed use of cloud backups and saves without a valid      
license for IBM Cloud Storage Solutions i. BRMS will send      
23. In 7.1 and later, when using the IBM Navigator for i BRMS  
plugin, the Initialize volume function fails with CWLAA6003    
portlet error.                                                  
24. In 7.1 and later, duplicate libraries may be listed in the  
BRMS recovery report (QP1ARCY).                                
25. In 7.1 and later, STRMNTBRM with RGZBRMDB(*YES) may fail    
with MSGBRM4128 RC0099.                                        
26. N/A.                                                        
27. In 7.1 and later, saves of QUSRBRM library may post        

Problem Conclusion

Load and apply this PTF.                                        
Note: When loading BRMS PTFs, the system needs to be out of    
FlashCopy mode for the PTF to apply.                            
To verify the FlashCopy status of a system is *END, enter the  
following command:                                              
After the BRMS PTF is installed, do the following to enable the
BRMS plug-in for the IBM Systems Director Navigator for i5/OS  
(web browser) or System i Navigator windows client.            
  Enable the BRMS plug-in for the IBM Systems Director Navigator
  for i5/OS.                                                    
  ==== V6R1 and newer only:                                    
  Note:  ending the http admin servers may affect other non-BRMS
  From System i:                                                
    1. Enter the command to end the http admin servers:        
      ENDTCPSVR SERVER(*HTTP) HTTPSVR(*ADMIN)                  
    2. Wait for the http admin server jobs to end or terminate  
      Use command:  WRKACTJOB SBS(QHTTPSVR)                    
    3. Restart the http admin servers:                          
      STRTCPSVR SERVER(*HTTP) HTTPSVR(*ADMIN)                  
  Enable the BRMS plug-in for System i Navigator Windows/OS    
  ==== Pre-V6R1:                                                
  1) Close the System i Navigator application.                  
  2) On the client/PC, uninstall the BRMS plug-in using the    
      Access Express "Selective Setup" utility:  from the      
      "Start", select                                          
      "Programs->IBM iSeries Access for Windows->Selective      
      Follow the instructions on the dialogs to uninstall the  
      plug-in.  Notes:                                          
      a) On the second dialog, select the radio button "Ignore.
        only going to UN-install components".                  
      b) On the next screen, "Component Selection", open the    
        System i Navigator folder; a list of all installed      
        System i Navigator components and plug-ins is displayed.
      c) Deselect the BRMS plug-in to uninstall it (if you do  
        see the BRMS plug-in, it was not properly installed);  
        reboot the PC if requested.                            
  3) Start System i Navigator.                                  
  4) Use the System i Navigator "Install Options->Install      
      action. This action is available from the main iSeries    
      Navigator "File" menu and the "My Connections" folder    
      context/pop-up menu.  When prompted for the iSeries system
      to install from, select the iSeries that has the new BRMS
      PTF installed.                                            
  === V6R1 and newer:                                          
  1) Close the System i Navigator application.                  
  2) Open a Windows Command Prompt screen.                      
  3) Enter the following command:                              
      cwbinplg /REMOVE=IBM.BRMSPlugin                          
  4) On the client/PC, start the iSeries Navigator.            
  5) Use the System i Navigator "Install Options->Install      
      action. This action is available from the main System i  
      Navigator "File" menu and the "My Connections" folder    
      context/pop-up menu.  When prompted for the iSeries system
      to install from, select the iSeries that has the new BRMS
      PTF installed.                                            

Temporary Fix



PTFs Available

R710 SI63719 PTF Cover Letter   7192
R720 SI63721 PTF Cover Letter   7290
R730 SI63720 PTF Cover Letter   7283

Affected Modules


Affected Publications

Summary Information

Status............................................ CLOSED UR1
HIPER........................................... No
Component.................................. 5770BR100
Failing Module.......................... RCHMGR
Reported Release................... R710
Duplicate Of..............................

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