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 APAR (Authorized Program Analysis Report)



Error Description

Customer reported at server level 95xx that certain documents  
of >100 pages would not display properly in the OD client -    
message 1213 that a code page was not supported in unicode      
converter woud appear. This occurred when Large Object support  
was checked on the Application Load Information tab. If the box
was not checked the same spooled file could be loaded and all  
documents viewed without problem. When the box was checked and  
the documents retrieved - several that were larger than one    
hundred pages, would not display properly - there would be a    
message about code page not supported and maybe fonts problem -
message 1218. Then the document would show only a string of    
garbage text.                                                  
The nature of the report with multiple indexes was that any of  
the documents were displaying from the same first page , but    
unless you chose the first one in the hitlist, all others would
produce the messages and display the garbage.                  
If you loaded the spooled file without Large Object checked,    
all the documents would open without any problems.              
These were AFP spooled files.                                  

Problem Summary

* PROBLEM: (SE62918) Licensed Program = 5770RD1 for i 7.1 and  *
*                                       i 7.2                  *
*           Unpredictable Corruption                           *
* USERS AFFECTED: All IBM i Content Manager OnDemand server    *
*                  version 9.5.x.x users who use larger        *
*                  object support.                             *
* RECOMMENDATION: Apply PTF SI58039 for i 7.1.                 *
*                 Apply PTF SI58040 for i 7.2.                 *
At Content Manager OnDemand server version 9.5.x.x, customer    
reported that certain documents containing greater than 100    
pages would not display correctly in the OnDemand client.      
First, message number 1213 was received: The code page nnnnn is
not supported in the Unicode converter: the default code page  
will be selected.  Responding to the message sometimes resulted
in additional messages about missing fonts. Then the document is
then displayed but it contained only a string of unreadable    
This occurred when the Large Object checkbox was checked on the
Load Information tab of the application definition at the time  
that the data was loaded. If the box was not checked, the same  
spooled file could be loaded and all documents displayed        

Problem Conclusion

This problem only occurs when all of the following statements  
are true:                                                      
1. ALLOWMULTIPLEVALUES=YES (multi-key) is specified in the      
indexing parameters.                                            
2. Large Object checkbox is checked on the Load Information tab
of the application definition.                                  
3. A spooled file is loaded that contains multiple documents.  
4. The input file contains some documents that contain a number
of pages that is less than or equal to the Number of Pages      
values on the Load Information tab and some documents that      
contain more than that Number of Pages value.                  
When all of these conditions occur, incorrect metadata is      
written to some of the multi-key index records for some of the  
archived documents. The actual data is archived correctly. For a
loaded document that has more than the Number of Pages specified
on the Load Information tab, the first index record of the      
mult-key index records that point to a document is correct and  
can be used to retrieve a readable document.  The subsequent    
index records might contain values that prevent the document    
from being displayed correctly. This problem can be corrected by
applying this PTF and then reloading the spooled file. You can  
either use the original spooled file or recreate it with the    
Print Report (PRTRPTOND) command. However, for data that is    
already loaded, the document can always be retrieved and        
displayed correctly by using the first index record of the      
multi-key indexes.                                              

Temporary Fix

                       * HIPER *                                



PTFs Available

R710 SI58039 PTF Cover Letter   6120

Affected Modules


Affected Publications

Summary Information

Status............................................ CLOSED PER
HIPER........................................... Yes
Component.................................. 5770RD100
Failing Module.......................... RCHMGR
Reported Release................... R710
Duplicate Of..............................

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Document Information

Modified date:
21 May 2016