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 APAR (Authorized Program Analysis Report)



Error Description

SQL applications need an SQL interface to extract JOB run      

Problem Summary

SQL applications need an SQL interface to extract JOB run      

Problem Conclusion

The QSYS2/GET_JOB_INFO() User Defined Table Function accepts an
input paramter which is the target job name.                    
The UDTF finds the job and returns a single row table to the    
caller.  The columns in the table provide detail about the job.
The input job name can be specified using the qualified or fully
qualified form.                                                
Authorization requirements:                                    
The caller must have *JOBCTL user special authority or          
QIBM_DB_SQLADM or QIBM_DB_SYSMON function usage capability.    
If the caller lacks one of those authorities, the UDTF          
invocation will fail with SQLCODE=-443 and SQLSTATE='42501'.    
GET_JOB_INFO() table definition:                                
V_JOB_STATUS CHAR(10) - the status of the target job.          
  Possible values include *ACTIVE, *OUTQ and *UNKNOWN.          
V_ACTIVE_JOB_STATUS CHAR(4) - The active status of the initial  
thread of the job.                                              
If the job is not active, NULL is returned.  If the job is      
active, the possible values are numerous, and include:          
CNDW  Waiting on handle-based condition.                        
LCKW  Waiting for a lock.                                      
RUN  Currently running in the pool activity level.              
V_RUN_PRIORITY INTEGER - The priority at which the job is      
currently running, relative to other jobs on the system. The run
priority ranges from 0 (highest priority) to 99 (lowest        
V_SBS_NAME CHAR(10) - The qualified name of the subsystem in    
which an active job is running. The format of the qualified name
is a 10-character simple object name followed by a 10-character
library name. This value is only for jobs whose status is      
*ACTIVE. For jobs with status of *OUTQ or *JOBQ, the value for  
this field is blank.                                            
V_CPU_USED BIGINT - Processing unit time used - total for the  
job. The amount of processing unit time (in milliseconds) that  
the job used across all routing steps.                          
V_TEMP_STORAGE_USED_MB INTEGER - Temporary storage used in      
megabytes. The amount of auxiliary storage (in megabytes) that  
is currently allocated to this job. This is an unsigned        
BINARY(4) value.                                                
V_AUX_IO_REQUESTED BIGINT - The number of auxiliary I/O requests
performed by the job across all routing steps. This includes    
both database and nondatabase paging.                          
V_PAGE_FAULTS BIGINT - The number of times an active program    
referenced an address that is not in main storage during the    
current routing step of the specified job.                      
V_CLIENT_WRKSTNNAME CHAR(255) - The value of the SQL special    
register value or NULL.                                        
V_CLIENT_APPLNAME CHAR(255)   - The value of the SQL special    
register value or NULL.                                        
V_CLIENT_ACCTNG CHAR(255)     - The value of the SQL special    
register value or NULL.                                        
V_CLIENT_PROGRAMID CHAR(255)  - The value of the SQL special    
register value or NULL.                                        
V_CLIENT_USERID CHAR(255)     - The value of the SQL special    
register value or NULL.                                        
Example usage:                                                  
SELECT * FROM                                                  
SELECT * FROM TABLE(QSYS2.GET_JOB_INFO('QzdasoinitQuser        
690325')) AS A                                                  

Temporary Fix



PTFs Available

R710 SI49337 PTF Cover Letter   3298

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Affected Publications

Summary Information

Status............................................ CLOSED PER
HIPER........................................... No
Component.................................. 5770SS1DB
Failing Module.......................... RCHMGR
Reported Release................... R710
Duplicate Of..............................

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16 November 2013