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  • Closed as program error.

Error description

  • DB2DDF DCR DM1743
    SQLCODE420 received for implicit cast of string to numeric
    Additional keywords and symptoms:

Local fix

Problem summary

  • USERS AFFECTED: All Distributed Data Facility (DDF  users
                      accessing DB2 10 for z/OS in new function
                      mode from a non-Java IBM Data Server Client
                      Driver where the client application has
                      input host variables that undergo implicit
      PROBLEM DESCRIPTION: A client application using a non-Java
                           IBM Data Server Driver accesses a DB2
                           10 for z/OS server in New Function Mode
                           (NFM , passing in a character input
                           value that is an empty string or
                           contains all blank characters where the
                           target has a numeric SQL type.  The
                           statement correctly fails with SQLCODE
                           -420, due to the invalid character
                           value, which cannot be implicitly cast
                           to a numeric target.  However, this
                           application successfully executed when
                           accessing a DB2 server at version 9 and
                           below or when accessing DB2 10
                           Conversion Mode (CM .
    The remote statement being processed by DB2 contains invalid
    character data that cannot be implicitly cast.  The statement
    executed correctly against DB2 9 and below and against DB2 10
    CM because those levels do not provide implicit cast support.
    As a result, the input data was correctly flagged as being in
    error and the statement failed with SQLCODE -301.  The non-Java
    IBM Data Server Client driver provides a property called
    RetryOnError that allows for the statement to be retried with
    corrected user data when SQLCODE -301 is received.  The client
    driver corrects the invalid character data, converting to a
    numeric, before sending to DB2.  With implicit cast support in
    DB2 10 NFM, this corrective action is not being performed by
    the client driver since the statement fails with SQLCODE -420
    instead.  The client driver does not have support to redrive
    the statement for SQLCODE -420.
    One solution is for the application to correct the invalid
    Another solution is provided by the IBM Data Server Driver.
    See APAR IC92430.  Refer to the APAR for details.

Problem conclusion

  • To help customers determine whether they have applications that
    may fail with the same error as described above, the DB2 10 for
    z/OS server is providing new trace support and a new option for
    the DDF_COMPATIBILITY ZPARM.  The trace support allows you to
    detect applications that may encounter the same failures as
    described above.  The ZPARM allows you to disable implicit
    casting for such application running in V10 NFM while you
    implement corrective actions either through changes to your
    application or through the use of client driver support.
    If you are currently in V10 Conversion Mode (CM , with this PTF,
    you can enable the trace to identify applications that may have
    the same problem as described here after migration to New
    Function Mode (NFM .
    If you are currently in V10 NFM or are moving to V10 NFM, with
    this new ZPARM option, you can restore the server bind-in
    processing behavior without implicit cast.  If the ZPARM option
    to disable implicit cast is specified, you can continue to use
    the trace to monitor and identify applications that may be
    problematic, as described above.
    If you have an application with a statement that fails with
    SQLCODE -420 in DB2 10 NFM due to invalid character input data
    that cannot be implicitly cast to numeric targets, then if you
    specify the new DDF_COMPATIBILITY ZPARM option, as described
    below, that statement will now successfully execute as it did
    when it was executed against DB2 version 9 and below or against
    DB2 10 CM.
    The ZPARM and trace details:
    1. This PTF adds a new option, DISABLE_IMPCAST_NJV, to the DB2
    subsystem parameter DSN6FAC.DDF_COMPATIBILITY.  You can use the
    DDF_COMPATIBILITY parameter to enable DB2 10 DDF compatibility
    with older client drivers.  The new DDF_COMPATIBILITY option is:
    - DISABLE_IMPCAST_NJV: Use the pre-V10 server
                    compatibility behavior which is
                    not to implicitly cast input host
                    variables during server host
                    variable bind-in processing.
                    This option provides such
                    compatibility only for non-Java IBM
                    Data Server drivers at or below
                    Version 10.5.  It is ignored for
                    any non-Java IBM Data Server driver
                    at any higher level.
                    This option is deprecated in DB2 10.
    If the DISABLE_IMPCAST_NJV option is specified on any member of
    a data sharing environment, it is recommended to specify it on
    all members.
    DDF_COMPATIBILITY options can be specified individually or
    together.  Examples:
    The default for DDF_COMPATIBILITY remains null (as shown in
    the first example above  meaning that DB2 10 DDF behavior is
    maintained with all clients.
    2.  The PTF also provides a way to detect when SQLCODE -301 is
    generated for incompatible data type conversions occurring
    during server host variable bind in when the client application
    is using a non-Java IBM Data Server Driver and implicit cast is
    not in effect.
    When IFCID 0366 is enabled on DB2 10 for z/OS server when
    implicit casting is not in effect, and when the application is
    using a non-Java IBM Data Server Driver at or below version
    10.5, then DB2 10 server will produce the IFCID 0366 trace
    records indicating, by the following new value in the QW0366FN
    field, when SQLCODE -301 error for incompatible data type
    conversion during host variable bind is raised.
    QW0366FN = 7
      A QW0366FN 7 record indicates that DB2 for z/OS server issued
      a SQLCODE -301 for incompatible data type conversion from
      string data type (e.g. CHAR, VARCHAR, GRAPHIC, VARGRAPHIC
      etc.  to numeric data type in V10 CM if implicit cast is not
      supported or if the server is in V10 NFM when the
      or SP_PARMS_NJV to disable implicit cast, and the client is
      as specified above.
    When examining IFCID 0366 trace records collected, an
    application programmer who finds any records with a QW0366FN
    value of 7 can take a close look at the input string which is
    converted to a numeric data and make sure it does not contain
    any invalid numeric character string (e.g. string with all
    blank, or empty string with length 0 etc. .  Once the
    application is free of those invalid numeric character string,
    DB2 can convert them into a numeric target data when implicit
    cast feature is enabled.

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