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PM84924: Missing SXF documentation


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APAR status

  • Closed as program error.

Error description

  • There is a lack of SXF documentation, despite the fact that
    certain references to information are made in other Rhapsody
    documents. In the guide found at:
    It states on p.21: 'Besides adding the right profiles and/or
    settings to the model, the code generation configurations that
    are used in order to generate code for the model must be
    attached with certain stereotypes. Details about which
    stereotypes must be used in order to use SXF framework ... can
    also be found in the IBM Rational Rhapsody SXF ... help'. I
    could not find what this is referring to, can you please let me
    know where this is located?
    It also states on p.21:  'In order to be able using the SXF or
    SMXF for safety related developments it is needed to do a
    systematic qualification of the simplified frameworks. The SXF
    and SMXF come equipped with validation suites containing...'. I
    only can find '...\7.6.1\Samples\CppSamples\SXF\DishPongSXF' on
    my machine. Where do I find those validation suites and the
    respective documentation (maybe only with Rhapsody 8.x)?
    There is also a confusing explanation concerning ports with SXF
    in the Rhapsody help found at:
    Specifically, in the 2nd note, it says 'To avoid a violation of
    MISRA C++ rules 5-2-4, 7-1-2, and 18-4-1, do not use ports.'.
    But a few lines later it states 'For using new or delete in
    ports, all attributes generated for ports are by value so no new
    or delete is generated.' Does this mean that ports can be used
    with SXF, or something else entirely?
    Finally, in the DishPong sample SXF model there are separate
    configurations for the SXF and the OXF frameworks, with the SXF
    stereotype being utilised. The guide mentioned above states that
    'No containers (can be added)': but no mention of how this can
    be done without violating the requirement that no dynamic memory
    allocation shall be used.

Local fix

Problem summary

  • ****************************************************************
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    * PROBLEM DESCRIPTION:                                         *
    * RECOMMENDATION:                                              *
    A number of points are ambiguous in the SXF documentation.

Problem conclusion

  • Fixed in version 8.0.5.
    1) The question regarding "validation suites" was answered
    in the framework of the original escalation.
    2) In the steps to create projects that use the SXF
    framework, the following step was added:
       "Before generating code, apply the "SXF" stereotype to
    the configuration that you are using to generate the code."
    3) In the topic on Misra C++, the following sentence was
    "For using new or delete in ports, all attributes generated
    for ports are by value so no new or delete is generated."
    The sentence about avoiding the use of ports in order to
    avoid MISRA violations is still correct.
    Note that with regard to the SXF, the table in the topic
    "Simplified C++ execution framework"
    clearly states that ports are not supported with the SXF.

Temporary fix


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29 October 2021