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PM60344: Program statements to get client hostname and port may be slow if the network is not performing entirely normally


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APAR status

  • Closed as duplicate of another APAR.

Error description

  • After upgrading to WebSphere Application Server V6.1.0.35 (or a
    later Fix Pack) or V7.0.0.13 (or a later Fix Pack), a delay of
    about 16 seconds for incoming SOAP administration calls from
    remote hosts might be seen under certain network conditions.
    This delay is not seen when the SOAP call originates from the
    local system.  The problem can affect both node agents and the
    deployment manager.  The problem is due to an error with the fix
    for APAR PM14986.
    When the problem occurs, the remote host and port associated
    with the current SOAP connection, which are only useful for
    debugging purposes, are always retrieved, even when no debugging
    is enabled.  This could cause slow performance when certain
    network configurations combined with possible issues in the Java
    SDK make these calls very slow.  The remote host and port should
    only be retrieved when debugging is enabled.
    To verify that your system is susceptible to this problem, run
    the nslookup command on the SOAP client's IP address on the
    system on which WebSphere Application Server is running.  If
    there is a delay in this command completing, WebSphere
    Application Server is susceptible to the problem addressed by
    this APAR.  Contact your network administrator to determine why
    there is a delay in the nslookup command completing.

Local fix

  • None at this time

Problem summary

Problem conclusion

Temporary fix


  • PM60344 is a sysroute of APAR PM45175. APAR PM60344 was taken
    to deliver a ++APAR. APAR PM60344 is being closed DUP of APAR
    PM54062 because PM54062 documents the delivery of APAR
    PM45175 in Service Level (Fix Pack) of WebSphere
    Application Server V7.0 for z/OS.

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23 April 2012