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PM53810: SHIP FMID H28W700 COMPID 5655I3500 FIX PACK 12/03/05 PTF PECHANGE

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APAR status

  • Closed as program error.

Error description

  • Ship FMID H28W700 COMPID 5655I3500 Fix Pack
    APAR PM53810 is being mark PE/Y because it documents the
    delivery of ZE APAR PM50232. Please reference PM50232 for
    additional details.
    APAR PM53810 is being mark PE/Y because it documents the
    delivery of ZE APAR PM59222. Please reference PM59222 for
    additional details.

Local fix

Problem summary

  • ****************************************************************
    * USERS AFFECTED: All users of WebSphere Application Server    *
    *                 V7.0 for z/OS                                *
    * PROBLEM DESCRIPTION: APAR PM53810 addresses various defects  *
    *                      in WebSphere Application Server V7.0    *
    *                      for z/OS.                               *
    * RECOMMENDATION:                                              *
    APAR PM53810 fixes the following defects in WebSphere
    Application Server V7.0 for z/OS:
    APAR    Description
    ------- --------------------------------------------------------
    PM31740 Core group bridge problem causes servers to become
    PM33382 WS-Security configuration of a certificate revocation
            list is not possible for SAML tokens.
    PM34614 Running adminapp.install to install an application that
            contains multiple MDBs and data source resources results
            in ADMA0007E.
    PM37742 Ensure correct order of fix pack installation and
            interim fix uninstallation.
    PM38854 Potential deadlock in OpenJPA with object relational
            mapping (orm) processing.
    PM40631 VMM does not log messages while switching LDAP server.
    PM40936 A WSWS7054E may occur due to due to invalid entries in
            the classpath sent to wsgen.
    PM41292 Java.lang.NoClassdefFoundError may be thrown from the
            JAXB marshaller.
    PM42239 Holiday.getHolidays returning an empty set.
    PM42643 Web module (war) file processing scans archives outside
            of web-inf/lib.
    PM42959 WLM external client data propagation incomplete.
    PM43426 LSD related ORB calls fail with corba.no_permission when
            CSIv2 inbound authentication is set as required.
    PM44124 Problem with
            cache growing without bounds.
    PM44156 New namespace to application.xsl.
    PM44368 Invalid cases of multiple process definitions in
            server.xml are not detected by "$AdminConfig validate"
            or via administrative console.
    PM44388 Oracle universal connection pool (ucp) support in
            WebSphere Application Server version 7.
    PM44700 Customer requested a value to be masked in the wsadmin
    PM45011 Application Server hang can occur if a thread logging an
            FFDC hangs.
    PM45080 ClassCastException in LoadAvailableSequences following
            restart of a WS-Reliable messaging application.
    PM45181 Possible security vulnerability in WS-Security enabled
            JAX-RPC applications.
    PM45259 NullPointerException when WS-Security attempts to
            generate an LTPA token from runAs subject.
    PM45354 VMM gives wrong results when searching expressions and
            properties from LDAP and LA.
    PM45446 Deadlock threads during invalidation with session
            tracing enabled.
    PM45750 Exception does not lead to a rollback.
    PM45775 NotOnOrAfter attribute should be optional in a SAML
    PM45970 MDBListener needs to declare dependency on
    PM46226 32-bit plugin for Apache 2.2 needs large file support.
    PM46393 Corrupted characters in Information Center for
            WSCallHelper class.
    PM46406 A digest value mismatch error may occur when using the
            enveloped-signature transform.
    PM46408 WLM client fails to connect.
    PM46561 WS-Reliable messaging does not handle 2pc transactions.
    PM46827 A memory leak is possible when using diagnostic
            providers due to providers not being de-registered.
    PM46855 Renaming java.exe can cause server start failure.
    PM46863 JAXBException JAX-WS client in a shared library.
    PM47065 Remote server fails to be enlisted in transaction after
            ORB retry.
    PM47143 Call to GetAddressHeader fails when there are multiple
            values on a custom header.
    PM47209 Truncated error message in trace dump for JAX-WS
            provider application.
    PM47212 JAX-WS async clients can spawn an umlimited number of
    PM47250 LDAP with SDBM does not work in federated repositories.
    PM47418 Outbound SIP message fails.
    PM47458 StopServer operation hang.
    PM47486 A suspended global transaction is never resumed after
            an exception is thrown, thus exhausting the data source
    PM50232 SIP proxy is not re-using TCP/TLs connections for
            outbound SIP requests.
    PM59222 NullPointerException in dynacache when putting or
            getting items from the cache.
    PM49821 Unstalling a process application fails and can't be
    PM49608 In a cluster environment with two adjunct regions when
            shutting one adjunct down, the second adjunct hangs.
    PM53930 Hash table implementation vulnerability.
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    in RETAIN or by using the APAR search facility located at URL:

Problem conclusion

  • APAR PM53810 fixes various defects in WebSphere Application
    Server V7.0 for z/OS.
    APAR PM53810 is currently targeted for inclusion in Service
    Level (Fix Pack) of WebSphere Application Server V7.0
    for z/OS.
    Please refer to URL:
    for Fix Pack availability.

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  • R700 PSY UK78616

       UP12/05/26 P F205

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