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PM45731: SHIP FMID H28W700 COMPID 5655I3500 FIX PACK 11/08/23 PTF PECHANGE

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  • Closed as program error.

Error description

  • Ship APAR fixes for H28W700 Fix Pack
    APAR PM45731 is being mark PE/Y because it documents the
    delivery of ZE APAR PM39676. Please reference PM39676 for
    additional details.
    APAR PM45731 is being mark PE/Y because it documents the
    delivery of ZE APAR PM37886. Please reference PM37886 for
    additional details.
    APAR PM45731 is being mark PE/Y because it documents the
    delivery of ZE APAR PM39817. Please reference PM39817 for
    additional details.

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Problem summary

  • ****************************************************************
    * USERS AFFECTED: All users of WebSphere Application Server    *
    *                 V7.0 for z/OS                                *
    * PROBLEM DESCRIPTION: APAR PM45731 addresses various defects  *
    *                      in WebSphere Application Server V7.0    *
    *                      for z/OS.                               *
    * RECOMMENDATION:                                              *
    APAR PM45731 fixes the following defects in WebSphere
    Application Server V7.0 for z/OS:
    APAR    Description
    ------- --------------------------------------------------------
    PM23448 Certificate authentication fails because of space in
            distinguished name.
    PM30683 WSEC5007E error when loading classes with JAX-RPC
    PM31444 The J2CA0206W message refers to Diagnose Connection
            Usage option but the actual property is Enable
            multithreaded access detection.
    PM31737 Deleting an entry by the uniqueid and reposid may fail".
    PM32980 Jython import failures during processing of wsadmin
            script libraries are not displayed when tracing is not
    PM33575 When UniqueUserId is mapped to externalName, VMM calls
            fail with javax.naming.NamingException.
    PM34191 Node synchronization fails due to TokenExpiredException.
    PM34547 Creating/verifying scheduler tables on admin agent fails
    PM35093 VMM does not handle date/timestamp values reliably.
    PM35301 Connection is always renewed when client affinity is
            enabled and it impacts performance.
    PM35404 Propagation login with kerberos token always constructs
            subject with kerberos principal.
    PM35726 Changes to the way PMI calculates the CPU % of a process
    PM35890 Necessary java mail classes in from
            server side are missing in
    PM36144 Application install takes a long time with web client in
            war. War annotation scans include non-lib jars.
    PM36700 Serialized form of WSCredential object is expired, even
            though the field value was refreshed.
    PM37107 SECJ6024E: AuditServiceProvider failure logging audit
    PM37497 Creating more than 20 repositories under federated
            repositories in V7 will disappear.
    PM37821 OpenJPA does not find ValueHandler and/or FieldStrategy
            class with an applicable class loader.
    PM37840 Potential cross-site scripting vulnerability in web
    PM37886 After upgrading to or applying PM24347,
            WSWS7054 WSDL generation errors could occur for JAX-WS
            services at deployment.
    PM37925 Changing userDisplayNameMapping in wimconfig.xml does
            not work.
    PM37947 Subject may not be constructed properly when login is
            done by hashtable login.
    PM38052 Accumulation of service integration bus published
            messages to a durable subscription results in
            "out of memory" exceptions.
    PM38181 WSWS3163E error: is still received after applying
    PM38223 VMM throws a EntityNotFoundException if the property
            extension repository contains obsolete entries.
    PM38224 Portlettntities.xml is not found in the file repository.
    PM38283 Updates needed to add node or remove node from
            administrative console.
    PM38369 Plugin merge tool is not generating valid plugin-cfg.xml
    PM38395 BaseLifecycleMergeAction mergeMethodTarget Could not
            locate Stateful Session Bean in Deployment Descriptor.
    PM38501 Daylight Savings Time causes missed scheduler task.
    PM38651 WSS APIs do not provide access to the recipient
            attribute of a SAML token.
    PM38672 JMS application connected to WSAS v7.0.x service
            integration bus messaging engine terminates with
            CWSIC8007E exception.
    PM38708 CWSJN5006E: Error in NotificationMessageHolderTypeBinder
    PM38723 Application client files are not merged by default,
            causing EJB reference mismatches during deployment.
    PM38864 Provide ability to set a default timeout value for sql
    PM38888 Wsadmin create shared library unexpected results when
            classpath directory contains multiple spaces.
    PM39049 CWSID0029E message when WSAS service integration bus
            messaging engine failsover after a network outage.
    PM39075 WSAS application with embedded resource adapter cannot
            be uninstalled.
    PM39164 Extend filter timeout invalidation to filter inactivity
    PM39304 ClassCastException using WSIFf and calling
    PM39333 Heuristic completion not logged during recovery
    PM39345 Admin configservice does not give good diagnostic output
            for an object name creation with a bad formatted input.
    PM39347 Annotations exception AnnotativeMetadataManagerImpl at
            server start up.
    PM39549 Two part HTTP response is returned.
    PM39559 Errors CWSIP0003E, CWSIT0029I & CWSIT0028I appear in the
            systemout.log when the server hosting messaging engine
    PM39676 When plugin is set to manual, propagation to a remote
            node does not work after PM20866.
    PM39817 Changes to SOAP message made by JAX-WS handler not
            propagated to endpoint.
    PM44359 VMM should provide SAF mapping module with debug
            capability shipped with VMM classes.
    *** NOTE ***
    Additional information about the APARs listed above can be found
    in RETAIN or by using the APAR search facility located at URL:

Problem conclusion

  • APAR PM45731 fixes various defects in WebSphere Application
    Server V7.0 for z/OS.
    APAR PM45731 is currently targeted for inclusion in Service
    Level (Fix Pack) of WebSphere Application Server V7.0
    for z/OS.
    Please refer to URL:
    for Fix Pack availability.

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       UP12/01/18 P 1201

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