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Error description

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Problem summary

  • ****************************************************************
    * USERS AFFECTED: All users of WebSphere Application Server    *
    *                 V7.0 for z/OS                                *
    *                                                              *
    * PROBLEM DESCRIPTION: APAR PM23872 addresses various defects  *
    *                      in WebSphere Application Server V7.0    *
    *                      for z/OS.                               *
    *                                                              *
    * RECOMMENDATION:                                              *
    APAR PM23872 fixes the following defects in WebSphere
    Application Server V7.0 for z/OS:
    APAR    Description
    PM15945 WKSP0006E with during stress testing
    PM15949 AdminTask.createEmptyBLA sporadically returns a null
    PM15985 The timeToLive JMS URL value is sometimes set to the
            request timeout value.
    PM16012 Potential deadlock in portlet container
    PM16014 JAX-WS WS-Security is not following all of the
            requirements regarding timestamps in the
            WS-SecurityPolicy specification.
    PM16015 Enable a JAX-WS web service provider to behave like a
            one-way operation when the provider returns null.
    PM16071 A NullPointerException error may occur when calling an
            asynchronous JAX-WS web service.
    PM16078 A security AccessControlException will be thrown if a
            dispatched servlet's initialization fails.
    PM16108 NullPointerException may occur in the LdapHelper module.
    PM16142 Service SRVE0068E: Uncaught exception created in one of
            the service methods of the servlet.
    PM16164 JspException: No getter method for property ServerLevel
            of bean when creating a new servlet cache instance.
    PM16176 Unable to start application after removing last login
            config property.
    PM16198 High CPU caused by DynamicSSLCacheMissComparator.
    PM16253 Editing SCA panel uri for binding.atom does not save the
            data that is entered.
    PM16321 Unable to import personal certificate via console when
            alias name contains quotes.
    PM16358 ClassCastException in CacheProcessor.
    PM16359 Migration from v6.0.2 to v7.0 results with in
            DummyServerKeyFile.jks being mapped to both keystore &
    PM16366 Mod_proxy_http timeout detection error.
    PM16377 NoClassdefFound error on class
    PM16378 Long server name breaks object adapter name-length size
    PM16392 javax.servlet.http.HttpServletRequest accessed in a
            JAX-WS application might omit headers.
    PM16420 Locked threads may occur while CompoundClassLoader
            constructs a SAAJMetaFactory for a JAX-WS application.
    PM16433 No messages are consumed once max concerrency is reached
    PM16477 JAX-WS WS-Security does not allow a mechanism for
            applications using Usernametokens to not use the
    PM16481 Web Services cache cannot be disabled for JAX-WS
            application returning a SOAPFault response.
    PM16525 Native OutOfMemory after serveral application restarts.
    PM16566 ThreadPool-PercentMaxed showed only 0 or 100.
    PM16589 Performance improvement for LTPA2 token sign().
    PM16591 IBMi error 3450, bad file descriptor, when file
            descriptor exceeds job limit.
    PM16599 AbstractStatusCache contributes to native memory leak.
    PM16610 Improve JVM log entries to print the MessageEndpoint
            proxies when the limit is reached.
    PM16650 CEI hardcodes the database file location for SQL server
    PM16654 The HTTP channel will return a quoted value when the
            cookie value is retrieved on a particular code path.
    PM16855 If a server is removed from the primaryserver of the
            plugin configuration, affinity requests continue to go
            to the server.
    PM16860 AdminTask applyConfigProperties command failed with a
            Library configuration object.
    PM16870 DSRA8020E: Warning: The property 'useRRASetEquals' does
            not exist on the datasource class.
    PM16873 Application deployment failed at MapEJBRefToEJB.
    PM16890 NullPointerException thrown when printing WSDL files.
    PM16935 Spurious WSWS7058E error occurs during successful JAX-WS
            web service invocation.
    PM16948 OutOfMemory error may occur when Web Services engine
            processes big XML documents after PM08833.
    PM17019 NullPointerException generated after refreshing static
            files with mime filtering enabled.
    PM17024 User registry configured in security domain may not be
            used as expected.
    PM17028 JavaDoc for interface
   does not
            accuratly describe which exceptions are to be thrown.
    PM17037 Certificate Expiration Monitor unconditionally flags
            deleted.p12and root-key.p12 files as modified.
    PM17046 Cross-site scripting vulnerabilities.
    PM17054 Webservice call to a remote client using SSLl failing
            with asynch operation failed RC: 76 on second connection
    PM17067 UnmarshalException error may occur if a JAX-WS Web
            service has an @ResponseWrapper class that is not an
    PM17130 The CWPKI0201E and CWPKI0033E generates when changing
            password using $AdminTask task with
    PM17173 Additional debug messages added when "secure" flag is
            enabled in SSO settings.
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    in RETAIN or by using the APAR search facility located at URL:
    Once at this web page, the APAR search facility can be found in
    the "Self help" section under "Solve a problem". Click on
    "-> APARs" to access the APAR search facility.
    Once the APAR search utility is accessed, APAR numbers from
    the above list can be used as "Additional search terms" to
    locate an APAR's associated documentation.

Problem conclusion

  • APAR PM23872 fixes various defects in WebSphere Application
    Server V7.0 for z/OS.
    APAR PM23872 is currently targeted for inclusion in Service
    Level (Fix Pack) of WebSphere Application Server V7.0
    for z/OS.
    Please refer to URL:
    for Fix Pack availability.

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