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APAR status

  • Closed as program error.

Error description

  • Ship APAR fixes for H28W601 Fix Pack
    APAR PK96157 is being mark PE/Y because it will document the
    delivery of ZE APAR PK93059. The following is the associated
    abstract and Error Description for PK93059:
    Error Description:
    When using script for Creating cluster member it fails at with error
    [31.07.09 13:24:10:217 CEST] 0000000a AbstractShell E
      java.lang.IndexOutOfBoundsException: Index: 5, Size: 5
    java.lang.IndexOutOfBoundsException: Index: 5, Size: 5
     at java.util.ArrayList.get(
    The same script works fine at and lower version
    fixpacks level for 6.0.x and only fails when fixpack 35 is

Local fix

Problem summary

  • ****************************************************************
    * USERS AFFECTED: All users of WebSphere Application Server    *
    *                 V6.0.1 for z/OS                              *
    *                                                              *
    * PROBLEM DESCRIPTION: APAR PK96157 addresses various defects  *
    *                      in WebSphere Application Server V6.0.1  *
    *                      for z/OS.                               *
    *                                                              *
    * RECOMMENDATION:                                              *
    APAR PK96157 fixes the following defects in WebSphere
    Application Server V6.0.1 for z/OS:
    APAR    Description
    PK27122 Memory leak in Java URL name space cache when
            applications are stopped and restarted.
    PK27756 Uncaught exception in AppdataMgr.
    PK67604 Performance issue when making java: namespace indirect
            JNDI lookups.
    PK68126 Plug-in failed to read "503 service unavailable"
            response headers.
    PK69843 ClassCastException in custom authorization token
            implementation of AuthenticationToken and
    PK74905 Algorithm for distribution of messages to consumers with
            selectors unevenly distributes messages.
    PK81609 NullPointerException in the startup service.
    PK82730 The http_request_headers property is not being honored
            when setting a cookie.
    PK82764 Incorrect cookie processing.
    PK82838 Web Services properties link in administrative console
            not displayed for user logged in with monitor role.
    PK83856 Mediations stop processing messages after an FFDC with
            probeid 145 from MediationThreadPool.execute.
    PK84243 wsadmin.jar removing and
   from soap.client.props.
    PK84528 Improve the plug-in logic for requesting parition tables
            when GetDWLMTable property=TRUE and a session cookie is
    PK85227 A messaging engine that is using DB2 v9 for z/OS fails
            to start and produces a CWSIS1530E error.
    PK85910 The WS-Security runtime does not skip an unrecognized
            SAML token when mustUnderstand= 0 in the SOAP security
    PK85941 The isAppReady command shows incorrect results for an
            application with editions.
    PK86131 StringIndexOutOfBoundsException is thrown if cache id
            contains a colon.
    PK86182 504 error messages are returned from the proxy server
            sporadically for post requests with zero request length.
    PK86340 The isAppReady command returns false when the
            application is mapped to webserver.
    PK86376 Negative J2C connection pool size after a J2C connection
    PK86465 StackOverflowError may occur in LockableHashtable.get().
    PK86862 pluginMerge tool incapable of handling plugin-cfg.xml
            files generated by network deployment processes.
    PK86876 Out of memory problems caused by session entries not
            being deleted.
    PK87043 WSIF timeout values not being respected over multiple
    PK87126 A transaction is lost when XAER_RMERR is thrown due to
            an exception in reconnectRM.
    PK87133 Message context is cached on web container threads by
            WS-Security client.
    PK87169 SockectException was not thrown to the application code.
    PK87176 Administrative console contains vulnerability to
            cross-site request forgery attacks.
    PK87402 Heuristic hazard at the server level for a V6.0.2 node.
    PK87857 Allow root cause of TransactionRollbackException to be
            returned to an EJB client.
    PK88515 A user is required to login to the console again after
            viewing the classpath of an application in the console.
    PK88824 Excessive concurrency in dynacache.
    PK88942 AdminConfig ConvertToCluster fails with exception.
    PK88995 SSLC0002E exception is thrown when starting the
            Application Server.
    PK89055 The "pretest existing pooled connections" value is
            changing back to the default when another field is
            changed in console.
    PK89162 Core group bridge is not rebuilt when only one bridge
            exists in a core group.
    PK89258 ODC receives stale data in initial broadcast from newly
            started processes.
    PK89517 Use of UOW_TYPE_ACTIVITYSESSION when activity service is
            not started in the server.
    PK89593 The entire state for the subject is removed instead of
            just part of the state information.
    PK89776 When running a portlet which shows the supported
            languages in a drop down the languages are shown twice
            (duplicate locales).
    PK89779 Web Services client might not be able to set the
            connection HTTP request header.
    PK90190 Custom property
            breaks when using servlet caching.
    PK90364 Dynacache: replication type set incorrectly when using
    PK91197 IBM HTTP Server startup crash on Microsoft Windows when
            configured to use SSL and started as a service.
    PK91198 Duplicate key expection occurs while acquiring lease for
            schedulers created at cluster scope.
    PK91199 Unexpected servant hang/restart (during failover) on
            WebSphere Application Server for z/OS component.
    PK91361 CVE-2009-1891: mod_deflate.
    PK91414 UserRegistry object methods might be accessed
    PK91481 Processing child elemnts from missing SOAP header might
            cause NullPointerException.
    PK91483 Error java model exception occurs during EJBDeploy
    PK92118 OutOfMemory during stress run of SCA applications with
            J2C security enabled.
    PK92318 In the collector tool, using the JarOutName option
            causes a null to appear in the paths within the output
    PK92404 In a large topology the core group bridge may get
            messages out of order when stopping or starting multiple
    PK92500 When using xpathutil in conjunction with session="false"
            seeing "java.lang.IllegalStateException:
    PK92628 Problem replicating WSSecureMap cache.
    PK92796 WSWS3259E error reading data stream MIME start boundry
            not found.
    PK92914 CORBA.INV_OBJREF occurs when the EJB stubs can't be
            found in the thread's classpath.
    PK93059 JACL script fails with
            java.lang.IndexOutOfBoundsException: error after
    PK93112 Disable SSLv3 protocol when SSLFIPSEnable is configured.
    PK93225 Apache portable runtime memory allocation functions can
            return invalid pointers (CVE-2009-2412).
    PK93507 The JAX-RPC web service client may not honor the
            redirection of an HTTP response with status code 307.
    PK94325 Deployment targets are not removed.
    PK94807 ws_ant may fail to load for Java2WSDL task.
    PK94821 WasService does not recognize server started when
            running Japanese locale.
    PK94831 DCSV8030I messages logged continuously in systemout.log
            for more than 60 seconds.
    PK94866 When using SOAP/JMS as a one way interface, the Web
            Services engine does not propagate exceptions.
    PK95098 Suppress $WS headers from the request to the application
    PK95504 WASServiceTrace.log shows sensitive information.
    PK95600 ExpectedDuration parameter is ignore when a task is run
            from thescheduler.
    PK96607 When using the WebSphere Connect JDBC driver,
            resultSet.getxxx operations fails with
            "index out of range".
    PK96858 CVE-2009-3094: mod_proxy_ftp null pointer dereference.
    PM00675 CVE-2009-3555: tls/ssl protocol mitm vulnerability.
    PM00675 CVE-2009-3555: TLS/SSL Protocol vulnerability.
    *** NOTE ***
    Additional information about the APARs listed above can be found
    in RETAIN or by using the APAR search facility located at URL:
    Once at this web page, the APAR search facility can be found in
    the "Self help" section under "Solve a problem". Click on
    "-> APARs" to access the APAR search faciltiy.
    Once the APAR search utility is accessed, APAR numbers from
    the above list can be used as "Additional search terms" to
    locate an APAR's associated documentation.

Problem conclusion

  • APAR PK96157 fixes various defects in WebSphere Application
    Server V6.0.1 for z/OS.
    APAR PK96157 is currently targeted for inclusion in Service
    Level (Fix Pack) of WebSphere Application Server V6.0.1
    for z/OS.

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