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PI96813: It is difficult to automate WebSphere Liberty from messages on the z/OS console


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APAR status

  • Closed as program error.

Error description

  • The following behaviors make it difficult or impossible to
    automate operations for Liberty based on the output to the
    z/OS master console, or from the job's log:
    1) When using the zosLogging configuration in server.xml to
    route messages, specifying the wild card * character causes
    some messages to be issued twice.
    2) The documentation for zosLogging does not describe which
    route codes are used when messages are routed using WTO
    3) Message CWWKE0036I, which indicates that the server is
    stopped, cannot be routed to job log or the z/OS console
    4) In some circumstances it is desirable to suppress all
    messages from going to the job log or z/OS console, and
    there is currently no way to over-ride the default behavior.

Local fix

Problem summary

  • ****************************************************************
    * USERS AFFECTED:  All users of IBM WebSphere Application      *
    *                  Server Liberty for z/OS                     *
    * PROBLEM DESCRIPTION: It is difficult to automate based on    *
    *                      Liberty messages on z/OS                *
    * RECOMMENDATION:                                              *
    There are a number of challenges that the user will encounter
    when attempting to use automation on z/OS to manage the
    lifecycle of a Liberty server.  When stopping the server,
    message CWWKE0036I indicates that the server has stopped,
    however this message cannot be routed to the z/OS console or
    joblog because the server has already unloaded the code that can
    route messages to the z/OS console.  In other circumstances,
    customers may wish to redirect all messages to the z/OS console
    or joblog by using the wild card * character in the zosLogging
    configuration in server.xml.  The message routing code will
    interpret the wild card character in addition to any other
    messages that are logged to the z/OS console by default, and the
    result is that some messages, including CWWKF0011I The server
    defaultServer is ready to run a smarter planet, are logged
    twice.  For users who wish to disable all messages from being
    written to the z/OS console, there is no way to prevent the
    default set of messages from being written.  Finally, the
    documentation for zosLogging is unclear on which routing codes
    are used by WTO to write messages to the z/OS console or to the
    job's log.  This can make it difficult to write automation rules
    for a Liberty server.

Problem conclusion

  • Code was added to print message CWWKB0251I to WTO and hardcopy,
    indicating that the Liberty z/OS kernel extension has completed
    shutdown.  This message may be used by automation to indicate
    that the Liberty server has stopped.
    Code was added to eliminate duplicate messages that were printed
    when the wild card * character is used in the zosLogging
    Attributes disableWtoMessages and disableHardcopyMessages were
    added to the zosLogging configuration.  These attributes prevent
    the Liberty server from logging any message to WTO or hardcopy.
    The description of attributes wtoMessage and hardCopyMessage
    were updated to reflect the WTO route codes that are used to
    print messages, as well as the default set of messages that are
    The fix for this APAR is currently targeted for inclusion in fix
    pack  Please refer to the Recommended Updates page for
    delivery information:

Temporary fix


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14 December 2020