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PI80525: MQ MFT for z/OS : maintenance delivery vehicle (MDV)

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APAR status

  • Closed as program error.

Error description

  • MQ Managed File Transfer for z/OS Maintenance Delivery
    Vehicle (MDV)

Local fix

  • N/A

Problem summary

  • ****************************************************************
    This issue affects users of IBM MQ Managed File Transfer V9.0.0
    for z/OS
    Platforms affected:
    Service offering for IBM MQ Managed File Transfer V9.0.0
    for z/OS

Problem conclusion

  • This APAR updates IBM MQ Managed File Transfer (MFT) for z/OS to
    a level that is equivalent to the MFT component in MQ Fix Pack on other platforms.
    The list of MFT Fixes included in this maintenance is:
    IT15971 - MFT Agents publish XML status messages with no format
    which appear to JMS applications as BytesMessages
    IT15522 - fteCleanAgent run with no parameters does the
    equivalent of -all potentially clearing out scheduled transfers
    IT17247 - MQ Java client ignores Exceptions if client AMS
    interceptor could not be loaded
    IT17772 - MFT Plugin in MQ Explorer does not handle passwords
    longer than 12 characters if MQCSP authentication on
    IT18213 - MFT message-to-file transfer creates zero-byte
    destination file
    IT18616 - MFT transfer log contains message BFGTR0077I when
    using a protocol bridge agent
    IT19455 - Files transferred using the MFT FTP protocol bridge
    agent have corrupted names
    IT19530 - BFGBR0062E error intermittently written to agent event
    IT19833 - Ampersand (&) in filename causes MFT Agent transfer to
    fail with BFGDM0097E, entity name must immediately follow the
    PI79279 - Correct SCRT reporting for MQ MFT Advanced and
    Advanced VUE
    PI80600 - Description not available
    IT20852 - The source file for a managed transfer is deleted,
    even though the managed transfer is marked as failed.
    IT19996 - Update internal values for VRMF to allow for double
    digit Fix Packs

Temporary fix


APAR Information

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    MQ MFT Z/OS V9

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  • PE




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    NoSpecatt / Xsystem

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    BFG00015 BFG00016 BFG00017 BFG00018 BFG00019 BFG00020 BFG00021
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    BFG00043 BFG00044 BFG00045 BFG00046 BFG00047 BFG00048 BFG00049
    BFG00050 BFG00051 BFG00052 BFG00053 BFG00054 BFG00055 BFG00056
    BFG00057 BFG00058 BFG00059 BFG00060 BFG00061 BFG00062 BFG00063
    BFG00064 BFG00065 BFG00066 BFG00067 BFG00068 BFG00069 BFG00070
    BFG00071 BFG00072 BFG00073 BFG00074 BFG00075 BFG00076 BFG00077
    BFG00078 BFG00079 BFG00080 BFG00081 BFG00082 BFG00083 BFG00084
    BFG00085 BFG00086 BFG00087 BFG00088 BFG00089 BFG00090 BFG00091
    BFG00092 BFG00093 BFG00094 BFG00095 BFG00096 BFG00097 BFG00098
    BFG00099 BFG00100 BFG00101 BFG00102 BFG00103 BFG00104 BFG00105
    BFG00106 BFG00107 BFG00108 BFG00109 BFG00110 BFG00111 BFG00112
    BFG00113 BFG00114 BFG00115 BFG00116 BFG00117 BFG00118 BFG00119
    BFG00120 BFG00121 BFG00122 BFG00123 BFG00124 BFG00125 BFG00126
    BFG00127 BFG00128 BFG00129 BFG00130 BFG00131 BFG00132 BFG00133
    BFG00134 BFG00135 BFG00136 BFG00137 BFG00138 BFG00139 BFG00140
    BFG00141 BFG00142 BFG00143 BFG00144 BFG00145 BFG00146 BFG00147
    BFG00148 BFG00149 BFG00150 BFG00151 BFG00152 BFG00153 BFG00154
    BFG00155 BFG00156 BFG00157 BFG00158 BFG00159 BFG00160 BFG00161
    BFG00162 BFG00163 BFG00164 BFG00165 BFG00166 BFG00167 BFG00168
    BFG00169 BFG00170 BFG00171 BFG00172 BFG00173 BFG00174 BFG00175
    BFG00176 BFG00177 BFG00178 BFG00179 BFG00180 BFG00181 BFG00182
    BFG00183 BFG00184 BFG00185 BFG00186 BFG00187 BFG00188 BFG00189
    BFG00190 BFG00191 BFG00192 BFG00193 BFG00194 BFG00195 BFG00196
    BFG00197 BFG00198 BFG00199 BFG00200 BFG00201 BFG00202 BFG00203
    BFG00204 BFG00205 BFG00206 BFG00207 BFG00208 BFG00209 BFG00210
    BFG00211 BFG00212 BFG00213 BFG00214 BFG00215 BFG00216 BFG00217
    BFG00218 BFG00219 BFG00220 BFG00221 BFG00222 BFG00223 BFG00224
    BFG00225 BFG00226 BFG00227 BFG00228 BFG00229 BFG00230 BFG00231
    BFG00232 BFG00233 BFG00234 BFG00235 BFG00236 BFG00237 BFG00238
    BFG00239 BFG00240 BFG00241 BFG00242 BFG00243 BFG00244 BFG00245

Fix information

  • Fixed component name

    MQ MFT Z/OS V9

  • Fixed component ID


Applicable component levels

  • R900 PSY UI50892

       UP17/10/06 P F710

Fix is available

  • Select the PTF appropriate for your component level. You will be required to sign in. Distribution on physical media is not available in all countries.

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Modified date:
01 November 2017