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PI77705: 5C6-00D10341 issued from CSQJR103 during disaster recovery with striped active log dataset

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APAR status

  • Closed as program error.

Error description

  • ABN=5C6-00D10341,U=SYSOPR,C=W9700.800.RLMC-CSQJLGR,
     When using striped active logs, it is possible that the rewrite
    of a CI does not get mirrored, although the write of the next CI
    is mirrored (same situation as DB2 APAR PI10353/PI15425),
    resulting in the 5C6-00D10341 abend issued by CSQJR103.

Local fix

  • Use CSQ1LOGP to determine if the log copy 2 dataset ends at a
    higher RBA than the corresponding log copy 1 dataset. If so,
    copy the log copy 2 dataset over the log copy 1 dataset.
    An indication that a log dataset is missing the rewrite of a CI
    is given by the following message towards the end of the
    CSQ1LOGP output:

Problem summary

  • ****************************************************************
    * USERS AFFECTED: All users of IBM MQ for z/OS Version 8       *
    *                 Release 0 Modification 0.                    *
    * PROBLEM DESCRIPTION: Abend 5C6-00D10341 is issued by         *
    *                      CSQJR103 during queue manager restart,  *
    *                      or when reading a peer queue managers   *
    *                      logs, following abnormal queue manager  *
    *                      termination, or when using a mirrored   *
    *                      copy of the logs.                       *
    *                      The problem occurs when using log       *
    *                      striping for the active logs.           *
    *                      The abend is followed by abnormal       *
    *                      queue manager termination 6C6.          *
    A multi-CI I/O request was made to write to the active logs.
    As the logs were striped, the individual CIs were written out
    of order, and before the I/O was complete either the queue
    manager terminated, or a mirrored copy of the logs was taken
    prior to the rewrite of the first CI completing..
    During queue manager startup, log replay read from the 1st/only
    copy of the logs, and did not detect the missed rewrite while
    locating the end of the log.
    This included the start of a spanned record.
    When CSQJR103 subsequently processed the logs, it found the
    middle/end segment of a record at the start of the following CI
    and abended as the start segment had not been found.
    Similarly, when reading the logs of a peer queue manager that
    are missing the rewrite of a CI (for example, during peer admin
    rebuild, or groupur processing for an inactive queue manager)
    CSQJR103 abends and the queue manager reading the logs

Problem conclusion

  • CSQJW009 is changed to perform additional validation of striped
    active logs when locating the end RBA of the logs. If this
    results in a difference between the end RBA of logcopy1 and
    logcopy2, the shorter log, containing the missed CI, is
    truncated to ensure the CI is read from the other logcopy.
    CSQJR103 is changed to handle a missed CI when reading the
    active logs for a failed peer.

Temporary fix


APAR Information

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    WMQ Z/OS 8

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    NoSpecatt / Xsystem

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    PI88138 UI51088 PI88885


  • CSQJR103 CSQJW009

Fix information

  • Fixed component name

    WMQ Z/OS 8

  • Fixed component ID


Applicable component levels

  • R000 PSY UI51088

       UP17/10/27 P F710 ¢

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01 November 2017