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PI76992: Provide connectivity with IBM Cloud Product Insights


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APAR status

  • Closed as new function.

Error description

  • The WebSphere Application Server process should register with
    IBM Cloud Product Insights and provide usage metrics.

Local fix

Problem summary

  • ****************************************************************
    * USERS AFFECTED:  All users of IBM WebSphere Application      *
    *                  Server                                      *
    * PROBLEM DESCRIPTION: Provide connectivity with IBM Cloud     *
    *                      Product Insights                        *
    * RECOMMENDATION:                                              *
    IBM WebSphere Application Server should provide a mechanism to
    register and provide metrics to the IBM Cloud Product Insights
    service in Bluemix.

Problem conclusion

  • APAR PI76992 provides support for registering a WebSphere
    Application server with an instance of the IBM Cloud Product
    Insights service.
    IBM Cloud Product Insights, an IBM Bluemix service, allows
    you to connect your IBM WebSphere Application Server to server
    registration and usage information. This includes application
    servers hosted both in IBM Bluemix and in other environments.
    When an application server is configured to connect to Product
    Insights, the following information is reported and can be
    viewed in Product Insights dashboards:
    - Number of active servers
    - Host location of each server
    - Product edition and version of each server
    - How busy each server is
    After installing the APAR, before you connect an IBM WebSphere
    Application Server traditional server to Product Insights, you
    must have an IBM Bluemix account and create the service in an
    organization and space. Follow the "Getting started" steps
    to set up an account and allocate the Product Insights service.
    Ensure that you have the API host and API key values of the
    Product Insights service that you want WebSphere Application
    Server to register to. Complete the following steps to obtain
    the API host and API key values:
    1 - Click your new Product Insights service tile to open it.
        The service dashboard is displayed.
    2 - Click the Service credentials tab. The list of credentials
        for your IBM Software products is displayed, including
        the service credential name that you specified for your
        new service.
    3 - Click View credentials to show the API key that will be
        used for the connection to your IBM Integration Bus
        integration servers.
    4 - Copy the API host and API key from the Service credentials
        tab, which you will later use when you configure your
    Important: If your WebSphere Application Server installation
    does not have direct internet access and needs to connect to
    Product Insights through a gateway or proxy server, see the
    developerWorks article on using a gateway or proxy server.
    Once the Bluemix service has been created and the API host and
    API key are known, then configure the WebSphere Application
    Server traditional server using the following procedure:
    1 - Create a file with the
        following contents, substituting the API host and key
        from the service credentials.
        # required
        # optional - to use, remove # and define groups
        # groups=<groups>
        On the optional groups attribute, you can define sets of
        servers to be grouped together for reporting purposes.
        You can define multiple nested group levels, and each
        server can be included in multiple groups by separating
        the group names with a comma:
        groups="WASGroup1, WASGroup1/subgroupA"
        Top-level groups are specified without a forward slash
        (/), and nested groups are specified in the following
        format: <parentGroup>/<nestedGroup>. Grouped servers
        are displayed hierarchically in the Product Insights
    2 - Add the file to your
        - For WebSphere Application Server (base), place the file
          in the directory:
        - For WebSphere Application Server Network Deployment or
          WebSphere Application Server for z/OS, place the file in
          any of the following directories. You can configure
          Product Insights at the server, cluster, node, or cell
          level, depending on which directory is used.
          - Server directory:
          - Cluster directory:
          - Node directory:
          - Cell directory:
          If your environment uses a deployment manager, place the
          file in the directory tree for the deployment manager
          profile. Then, propagate the file to each of the
          managed nodes by starting wsadmin and running the
          following commands:
          AdminControl.invoke(repository, 'refreshRepositoryEpoch')
          If your environment does not use a deployment manager,
          place the file in the corresponding directory for
          each server, node, or cell that you want to register.
          After you add the file, if the server is running or the
          next time it starts, the server registers with the
          Product Insights service instance.
    Each registered WebSphere Application Server traditional
    server - or for Network Deployment, each registered cluster,
    node, or cell - reports usage metrics to your Product Insights
    service instance.
    If you no longer want to report metrics to the Product
    Insights service, remove the
    file from your WebSphere Application Server installation.
    For information about how to use Product Insights at run time,
    see the Bluemix documentation at About IBM Product Insights, or
    articles about Product Insights on developerWorks.
    The fix for this APAR is currently targeted for inclusion in
    fix packs and  Please refer to the
    Recommended Updates page for delivery information:

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19 October 2021