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APAR status

  • Closed as program error.

Error description

  • The customer is running WebSphere MQ for z/OS V710 and they
    receive the following:
    TITLE: CSQ1,ABN=5C6-00E20001,U=SYSOPER ,C=R3600.710.SMC
    Looking at the code at CSQSVBK (base) at offset x'14F2' it is
    pointing to a problem with PHB (reg 4) x'5AABBD00'. The abend
    has occurred when processing the response to a DISPLAY CHSTATUS
    CMDSCOPE(*) command. The reply record for the CSQN121I message
    for CSQ1 does not have the expected length, hence the abend
    occurs. The Change Team has now identified the problem which has
    resulted in the 5C6-00E20001 abend seen here. The abend occurs
    when a command is put to SYSTEM.COMMAND.INPUT with CMSSCOPE(*).
    CSQNGRS2 assumes that the first response message from a
    queue-manager will start with CSQN205I and will contain a
    'dummy' area of 200 characters for inserting message CSQN121I
    (this dummy area is setup by CSQNSRSP). However, the response
    messages are sent via XCF messaging, so the order in which they
    are received may be different to that in which they were sent,
    so the CSQN205I message not not be the first. If that is the
    case, then CSQNRGS2 tries to insert the CSQN121I message into
    the wrong area, which can result in various abends, such as the
    5C6-00E20001 issued by CSQSVBK.

Local fix

Problem summary

  • ****************************************************************
    * USERS AFFECTED: All users of WebSphere MQ for z/OS Version 7 *
    *                 Release 1 Modification 0.                    *
    * PROBLEM DESCRIPTION: CSQN212E and CSQN203I are issued        *
    *                      reporting the command server was unable *
    *                      to put a reply with MQRC 2005           *
    *                      (MQRC_BUFFER_ERROR).                    *
    *                                                              *
    *                      This can be followed by various         *
    *                      symptoms including:                     *
    *                       - the same error being issued          *
    *                         repeatedly in a loop.                *
    *                       - abend 0C4 in CSQNGRS2                *
    *                       - abend 5C6-00E20001 in CSQSVBK        *
    *                       - the queue manager failing to provide *
    *                         responses to group commands issued   *
    *                         by other queue managers in the qsg.  *
    * RECOMMENDATION:                                              *
    The queue manager issued a group command (CMDSCOPE(xxxx) or
    CMDSCOPE(*)) to one or more other queue manager in the queue
    sharing group. The command was executed on each of the targeted
    queue managers, and the responses passed back to the originating
    queue manger in one or more XCF messages.
    However, one of the queue managers provided responses in two
    XCF messages, but incorrectly indicated that the second message
    contained the CSQN205I response at the start. When CSQNGRS2
    attempted to process the message, this caused it to locate the
    response messages contained within the XCF message incorrectly,
    leading to the reported errors occurring when attempting to put
    the responses to the reply queue.
    The incorrect indication that the second XCF message contained
    a CSQN205I message was set because the responses filled the
    initial XCF message, and the queue managers were in different
    CCSIDs. When converting the responses, the initial message was
    split across two XCF messages, and the CSQN205I indicator flag
    was incorrectly set in both.

Problem conclusion

  • CSQNCRSP is changed to only indicate the presence of the
    CSQN205I message in the first XCF message sent.

Temporary fix

  • *********
    * HIPER *


APAR Information

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  • Reported component name

    WMQ Z/OS V7

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  • PE




  • Special Attention

    NoSpecatt / Xsystem

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  • APAR is sysrouted TO one or more of the following:

    PI68192 PI68193 UI40683



Fix information

  • Fixed component name

    WMQ Z/OS V7

  • Fixed component ID


Applicable component levels

  • R100 PSY UI40683

       UP16/10/06 P F610 ¢

Fix is available

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Modified date:
02 November 2016