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APAR status

  • Closed as program error.

Error description

  • Within a pubsub cluster when a partial repository publishes its
    # subscription to a full repository it does not check to confirm
    if the channel used for this is for the same cluster as the
    subscription. When the full repository receives the #
    subscription (and does check the cluster associated with the
    channel and subscription) if they are not the same then the FR
    silently discards the publication of the subscription. Later,
    when the cluster maintenance routine deletes old subscriptions
    this # subscription will be expired; thus when any other partial
    repositories in the cluster republish the topics that they host
    the FR will not forward that publication onto the partial for
    which it has expired this subscription. After an additional 60
    days the cluster topic on the partial repository (except
    for the ones hosted there) will be deleted.

Local fix

  • A REFRESH CLUSTER(cluster_name) on the partial repository allows
    the # subscription to be republished to the full repository
    using the channel that matches the subscription's cluster.

Problem summary

  • ****************************************************************
    * USERS AFFECTED: All users of WebSphere MQ for z/OS Version 7 *
    *                 Release 1 Modification 0.                    *
    * PROBLEM DESCRIPTION: Clustered topics disappear unexpectedly *
    *                      on partial repositories which are in    *
    *                      more than one cluster.                  *
    * RECOMMENDATION:                                              *
    Every 27 days the cluster maintenance routine republishes its
    hash (#) subscription to the full repository for that cluster.
    However it is possible that the full repository and the
    partial repository are each in more than one cluster, and that
    more than one channel is used. The maintenance routine uses
    rrmPutToAKnownUuid to publish the hash subscription but it
    doesn't check to see that the channel selected is in the same
    cluster as the hash subscription.
    When the full repository receives this publication
    rrmQueryObject is invoked, which calls rrmCLUSRCVRInClus to
    check if the receiving channel is in the same cluster as the
    hash subscription. If it isn't then the subscription is
    discarded silently.
    This means that the existing hash subscription on the full
    repository will expire, and when that happens it will stop
    sending any cluster topic publications to the partial
    repository. Cluster topics which are not hosted on the partial
    repository will then expire and be deleted between 60 and 90
    days later. Applications trying to publish to these topics will
    get an error.

Problem conclusion

  • rrmQueryObject has been changed so that it doesn't check to
    see which cluster the receiving channel is in.

Temporary fix

  • *********
    * HIPER *


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    WMQ Z/OS V7

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    NoSpecatt / Xsystem

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    IV64705 UI21424



Fix information

  • Fixed component name

    WMQ Z/OS V7

  • Fixed component ID


Applicable component levels

  • R100 PSY UI21424

       UP14/10/02 P F410 ¢

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04 November 2014