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  • Closed as documentation error.

Error description

  • This APAR describes the issues that customers encountered with
    IBM WebSphere Application Server Version  9.0. These issues
    were resolved as knowledge center updates in July 2021.

Local fix

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Problem summary

  • ****************************************************************
    * USERS AFFECTED:  This APAR provides a cumulative list of     *
    *                  the documentation issues for July 2021      *
    *                  that affect users of IBM WebSphere          *
    *                  Application Server Version 9.0.             *
    * PROBLEM DESCRIPTION: The Knowledge Centers for WebSphere     *
    *                      Application Server Version 9.0 need     *
    *                      to reflect customer enhancement         *
    *                      requests received in problem            *
    *                      management records (PMRs) and skill     *
    *                      cases. These enhancements can include   *
    *                      fixing technical inaccuracies or        *
    *                      clarifying vague information.           *
    * RECOMMENDATION:                                              *
    See the Problem conclusion section for a description of the
    issues, which are described in customer PMRs/skill cases, and
    the documentation change or changes that will address these

Problem conclusion

  • Note: As we update our knowledge centers, the following
    Version 9.0 modifications will be available. To access the
    latest on-line documentation, go to the product library page
    at and select
    the version and product that is appropriate for your WebSphere
    Application Server environment.
    The following Version 9.0 issues will be addressed:
    ID: 2238 (GHE) - Liberty
    Problem: The WebSphere Application Server Liberty for z/OS
    introduced a feature, automatic restart management for and the documentation was missing information:
    1) An addition to the topic, Liberty features, to identify the
    automatic restart management feature
    2) An important note to indicate that inorder to enable and
    activate the automatic restart management feature - you need
    to first install the feature using the intallUtility command.
    Resolution: Two documentation topics were updated:
    1) Topic, Liberty features, to identify the
    zosautomaticrestartmanger-1.0 feature
    2) Topic, Enabling the automatic restart management (ARM)
    feature on a server instance, that adds a note to remind the
    user that you need to install the ARM feature with the
    installUtility command before enabling and activating ARM on
    the system.
    ID: 2387 (GHE) - Liberty
    Problem: WebSphere Application Server Liberty cannot
    support loading a resource adapter class from a shared library
    class loader. There is no way to associate the shared library
    with the resource adapter.
    This is the behavior as designed in WAS Liberty. The
    documentation should make this information known so as to keep
    from client errors.
    Resolution: Topic, Shared libraries, is updated. The opening
    paragraph of this topic will read:
    Shared libraries are files used by multiple applications. You
    can use shared libraries and global libraries to reduce the
    number of duplicate library files on your system. When
    properly configured, applications and resource adapters may
    access classes and resources of libraries, but the opposite is
    not true, libraries have no access to application or resource
    adapter classes or resources.
    ID: #2429 (GHE)
    Problem: Liberty Server ARM function must have UPDATE access
    to the IXCARM.elementType.elementName entity when enabling the
    automatic restart managment (ARM) feature on a server instance
    the documentation does not indicate this fact.
    Resolution: Topic, Enabling the automatic restart management
    (ARM)feature on a server instance, is updated in the Before
    you begin section with a sentence that reads:
    You must have access to the couple data set format utility,
    IXCL1DSU, in SYS1.MIGLIB and have UPDATE access to the
    IXCARM.elementType.elementName entity.
    This update also applies to V8.5 documentation.
    ID: #4732 (GHE)
    Problem: The customer is running on the Solaris platform and
    wanting to use protocol TLSv1.3 for connections.  The
    documentation does not explicitly identify the Solaris
    platform and its ability to support TLSv1.3
    Resolution: Topic, Creating a Secure Sockets Layer
    configuration, is updated. a third bullet to the note in
    step 14 is added that reads:
    TLSv1.3 is supported on AIX ? ?, Windows, and Linux ? ?. For
    Solaris, where your application server id is running on a JVM,
    the TLSv1.3 protocol is NOT supported.
    This update also applies to the V8.5 documentation.

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