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APAR status

  • Closed as new function.

Error description

  • New function

Local fix

Problem summary

  • ****************************************************************
    * USERS AFFECTED:                                              *
    * All Db2 12 for z/OS users of sample                          *
    * program DSN8ED7,  sample job DSNTEJ6Z, and                   *
    * the Db2-supplied stored procedure                            *
    * SYSPROC.ADMIN_INFO_SYSPARM.                                  *
    * PROBLEM DESCRIPTION:                                         *
    * This APAR makes the following changes:                       *
    * - adds a Db2-supplied load module and                        *
    * DBRM for DSN8ED7.                                            *
    * - reships the DSN8ED7 source code as                         *
    * member DSN8ED7S.                                             *
    * - modifies DSNTEJ6Z to                                       *
    * - bind and run the Db2-supplied                              *
    * DSN8ED7 by default.                                          *
    * - prepare and bind a local DSN8ED7                           *
    * module and DBRM only by option.                              *
    * RECOMMENDATION:                                              *
    * Apply corrective PTF when available                          *
    DSN8ED7 is a sample program that shows how to call Db2-supplied
    stored procedure SYSPROC.ADMIN_INFO_SYSPARM.  It can be used to
    obtain a listing of the current settings for Db2's subsystem
    parameter (DSNZPxxx) and application defaults (DSNHDECP)
    parameter settings.
    Prior to this APAR, Db2 provided only the C language source
    code for DSN8ED7.  The source code can be prepared using sample
    job DSNTEJ6Z.  However, it is inconvenient for customers who do
    not have access to a C compiler.

Problem conclusion

Temporary fix


  • In response, this APAR adds a Db2-supplied load module and
    DBRM for DSN8ED7.  This change allows any Db2 customer to
    use DSN8ED7 to monitor DSNZPxxx and DSNHDECP parameter
    As part of this change, the DSN8ED7 source code is now
    provided in member DSN8ED7S.  Also, job DSNTEJ6Z is modified
    to bind and execute DSN8ED7 from the Db2-supplied module and
    DBRM by default.  The DSNTEJ6Z prolog now contains guidance
    on how to modify the job to prepare DSN8ED7 from source code
    member DSN8ED7S.
    Applying the fixing PTF for this APAR adds these parts to the
    indicated SMP/E target libraries:
    - prefix.SDSNLOAD(DSN8ED7)
      -> This is the Db2-supplied load module for DSN8ED7
    - prefix.SDSNDBRM(DSN@ED7) alias DSN8ED7
      -> This is the Db2-supplied DBRM for DSN8ED7
    - prefix.SDSNSAMP(DSN8ED7S)
      -> This is the new location of the DSN8ED7 source code
         member.  Prior to this APAR, the source code was in
         member DSN8ED7.
    Applying the fixing PTF for this APAR deletes this part from
    the indicated SMP/E target library:
    - prefix.SDSNSAMP(DSN8ED7)
      -> This was the previous location of the DSN8ED7 source
         code member.  Effective with this APAR, the source code
         is in member DSN8ED7S.
    This APAR also modifies the DSNTEJ6Z sample job to bind and
    run DSN8ED7 from the Db2-supplied DBRM and load module.  The
    prolog of DSNTEJ6Z contains guidance on how to modify the
    job in order to prepare DSN8ED7 from the sample source code,
    DSN8ED7S.  Previously, this job consisted of 3 job steps as
        Job step  Description
        ========  ===============================================
        PH06ZS01  Prepare a local DSN8ED7 DBRM and module from
                  source member DSN8ED7
        PH06ZS02  Bind the package and plan for the local DSN8ED7
        PH06ZS03  Run the DSN8ED7 module
    This APAR introduces a new format for DSNTEJ6Z:
        Job step  Description
        ========  ===============================================
        PH06ZS01  Optional: Prepare DSN8ED7 from DSN8ED7S
                  -> Uncomment and run this step if you want to
                     compile and link DSN8ED7 from source code.
                     - The DBRM will be placed in the
                       prefix.DBRMLIB.DATA library
                     - The load module will be placed in the
                       prefix.RUNLIB.LOAD library
        PH06ZS02  Optional: Bind a package for DSN8ED7 from the
                  DBRM created by the previous job step
                  -> Uncomment and run this step if you also
                     uncomment and run the previous job step
        PH06ZS03  Bind a package for DSN8ED7 from the
                  Db2-supplied DBRM
                  -> Run this job step even if you also
                     uncomment and run job steps PH06ZS01 and
        PH06ZS04  Bind the plan for DSN8ED7
                  -> The PH06ZS05 STEPLIB DD allocates the
                     library ahead of the
                     library.  If you want to run the Db2-
                     supplied DSN8ED7 module when
                     also contains DSN8ED7 then you need to
                     remove or comment-out
                     from the PH06ZS05 STEPLIB DD

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    DB2 OS/390 & Z/

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  • RC10 PSY UI62933

       UP19/06/20 P F906

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