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 APAR (Authorized Program Analysis Report)



Error Description

Technology Refresh                                              

Problem Summary

This change provides base function to enable extensions for a  
Technology Refresh.                                            

Problem Conclusion

Additional base function is provided in this PTF.              
 This Technology Refresh PTF also provides some additional minor
service and functional enhancements:                            
- There will no longer be logging of an informational          
(unsupported device) 3202 PAL for a Removable Mass Storage      
device (e.g., USB Flash drive) with a capacity greater than    
- The volumes on an optical container media used for install are
now automatically sorted, so there is no longer a need to create
a VOLUME_LIST file or to run VFYIMGCLG to first get the volumes
sorted in proper order for install.  The operating system will  
also verify that there is only one bootable media in the        
catalog; any subsequent bootable volumes will be dropped from  
the loaded list and a LIC log will be generated.                
- Some configurations that include IBM DS8000 storage systems  
may get a performance benefit due to changes in the            
implementation of low level I/O architecture.                  
- Disk initialization has been improved for certain            
thin-provisioned, compressed, and Flash System device          
- Debug capabilities have been improved for storage IOA        
- NWSD vary on with PWRCTL(*YES) behavior change:  Previously,  
if the client partition was already powered on by some other    
entity (such as from the HMC) when the NWSD was varied on, the  
NWSD would transition to the FAILED state even though all      
virtual SCSI services of the NWSD were available to the client.
 From a functional perspective, the NWSD appeared to be active  
even though it displayed FAILED status.  With this change, if  
the NWSD is varied on while the client partition is already    
powered on, the NWSD will behave as if the PWRCTL keyword was  
set to *NO.  The vary on will complete successfully and the NWSD
will transition to the ACTIVE state.  However, varying off an  
NWSD in this state will not result in a power off of the client
partition as it is assumed that the client partition power state
is being managed separately.  If the client partition is in the
powered off state when the NWSD is varied on, the NWSD will    
continue to power on and power off the partition as is done    
today.  This change affects only partitions which are already  
powered on when the NWSD is varied on.  There is no change to  
the behavior of NWSDs with the PWRCTL keyword set to *NO.      

Temporary Fix



PTFs Available

R730 MF99203 PTF Cover Letter   7283

Affected Modules


Affected Publications

Summary Information

Status............................................ CLOSED PER
HIPER........................................... No
Component.................................. 9400DG300
Failing Module.......................... RCHMGR
Reported Release................... R730
Duplicate Of..............................

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Modified date:
28 October 2017