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APAR status

  • Closed as program error.

Error description

  • If a device is syncing multiple data types in the same sync and
    there is a large enough item in the data type that isn't synced
    first such that it doesn't fit in the response message and needs
     to be split across multiple messages, it is possible that
    overall sync speeds can be decreased due to the processing time
    for the item that doesn't fit as this processing could be done
    multiple times to often determine that it still doesn't fit.
    For example, if a device is syncing mail and calendar together
    and in that order and there is a large enough calendar event
    that it won't fit in a single message, you could see a sync that
    looks like this:
    1. A mail is added to the response.
    2. The large calendar event is prepared to be added to the
    response but then is too large, so the response is sent with
    just the mail from #1.
    3. The client makes the next request and another mail is added
    to the next response.
    4. The large calendar event (same event as #2) is prepared to be
    added to the response but then is too large, so the response is
    sent with just the mail from #3.
    This will repeat until there are no mails that need to be synced
    and the event can be added to the response.
    In the end, the same data (all mails and all events) is synced
    to the device.  The only difference may be the total time to
    complete the sync.  If the processing of the large calendar
    event does not take much time, nobody will probably notice this
    issue.  However, if the large calendar event takes a significant
    amount of time to process each time (say it has hundreds of
    attendees that all need their canonical names or internet
    addresses looked up), a user may notice that the overall sync
    time is longer.  Also, it will depend on how many items there
    are to sync.  If you only have a few items to sync, you probably
    won't notice the issue.  If you have hundreds or thousands of
    mails to sync (in this example; such as on an initial sync or
    after resetting the device), you would pay the preparation but
    too large processing that many times which would make it more
    This issue can result with any of the data types (mail,
    calendar, contacts, todos) if any of them are not the previous
    types in the sync order and the previous types have data that
    needs to be synced to the device.  It does not have to be just
    mail and then calendar such as given in this example,
    Given, the order of types data to sync, the number of items of
    each type to sync and the size of each item of each type to
    sync, this scenario is uncommon.

Local fix

Problem summary

  • Slower than expected sync times with large Calendar events.

Problem conclusion

  • The IBM Traveler server has been updated to handle this

Temporary fix


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    NoSpecatt / Xsystem

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  • R901 PSY


[{"Business Unit":{"code":"BU055","label":"Cognitive Applications"},"Product":{"code":"SSYRPW","label":"Lotus Notes Traveler"},"Component":"","ARM Category":[],"Platform":[{"code":"PF025","label":"Platform Independent"}],"Version":"9.0.1","Edition":"","Line of Business":{"code":"","label":""}}]

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Modified date:
24 August 2017