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JR51437: Make store preview buildindex build one language first, build ot her langauges in the background in parallel

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APAR status

  • Closed as program error.

Error description

  • In store preview,
    All language specific core are built sequentially.
    For example,if client has 9 languages core,it was actually
    building indexes for all languages and the build index for each
    core takes approximately 13 seconds, and for 9 cores it took 9 *
     13 = 117 seconds, which is too long for client to preview the
    change they made in CMC.
    In this APAR, we mak store preview buildindex build one language
     first,so client can preview this one language and build other
    langauges in the background in parallel

Local fix

Problem summary

  • Make store preview buildindex build one language first, build
    other langauges in the background in parallel

Problem conclusion

  • The following is a high level description of the fix:
    - no change in preprocess flow (ie. still go thru all languages
    as the overhead to redo some non-language specific tables (over
    half of all temp tables) is even higher)
    - add an option at preview launch to selectively kick off DIH
    for only the current viewing language (or site default if none
    is detected),  in parallel, there will be another asynchronous
    thread to do the rest of the languages in DIH.  Since each
    language has its own Solr core, it is possible to do this in
    parallel.   The benefit here is that preview now only waits for
    the current viewing language instead of all registered
    - (Not apply to FEP5)one additional flag will be added to
    disable building / checking for unstructure content changes via
    DIH - this takes quite a while too during monitoring, so this
    should further add more savings to the overall elapsed time for
    all languages.

Temporary fix


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  • R700 PSY


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Modified date:
07 August 2015