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JR40823: CMVC 214542 - enable optional locking of STAGLOG table during StagingProp and provision of a cutoff time for data.


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APAR status

  • Closed as program error.

Error description

  • The StagingProp utility will attempt to propagate all records
    from the STAGLOG table available to it upon invocation. However,
    once execution begins, the utility acquires an EXCLUSIVE lock on
    the STAGLOG table to prevent modifications to the STAGLOG table
    itself as well as subject tables from which data is to be
    propagated.   This EXCLUSIVE lock acquired on the STAGLOG table
    causes any concurrent updates being made to the Staging database
    (for tables that have triggers on the STAGLOG table) to time out
    or wait until propagation is complete.
    Additionally, a WebSphere Commerce business user may determine
    that records modified in a Staging environment up to a certain
    point of time (time_X) will not subsequently be modified until
    after the StagingProp utility is run.  The user would also like
    to make additional unrelated changes to the system and not be
    blocked from making those changes.
    To alleviate potential operational bottlenecks that may occur as
    a result of the lock-wait scenario described above, a method to
    disable the locking is required along with the ability to
    propagate changes made prior to a specific cutoff time (time_X).

Local fix

  • Avoid performing updates to Staging environment database until
    after the StagingProp utility has finished executing

Problem summary

    All WebSphere Commerce Version 7.0 Users with Staging/Authoring
    environments that have concurrent database update and data
    propagation from Staging to Production environment requirements.
    The STAGLOG table is locked during invocation of the StagingProp
    utility preventing additional updates to the Staging data.
    Staging environment database updates may time out or be blocked
    until the StagingProp utility has finished propagating a
    customer's staged data from their Staging environment to their
    Production environment

Problem conclusion

  • The StagingProp utility is enhanced to allow optional no-lock
    capability on the STAGLOG table during invocation and ability to
    look at STGSTMP column in STAGLOG table to determine, based on
    the specified cutoff time, whether records should be considered
    for consolidation/propagation by the utility.
    1) A parameter to optionally specify whether a lock is to be
    acquired on the STAGLOG table by the utility. This parameter may
    be specified using "-lockstaglog" on the command-line followed
    by a value of 0 or 1. A value of 0 indicates that no lock is to
    be acquired and 1 indicates that an EXCLUSIVE lock is to be
    acquired. When not specified, value of 1 is used by default.
    2) A parameter to specify a cutoff time. Any records found in
    the STAGLOG table which were inserted after this time will not
    be examined by the StagingProp utility. This parameter may be
    specified using "-cutofftime" on the command-line followed by a
    timestamp value specified using the pattern "yyyy-MM-dd
    HH:mm:ss" (components of this pattern are described in detail
    teFormat.html>). Note that when specified on the command-line,
    the timestamp must be enclosed in double quotes to prevent
    white-space between the date and time portions of the timestamp
    from being looked at as separate arguments.
    A usage example follows:
    <stagingprop-executable> [<other-arguments>] -lockstaglog 0
    -cutofftime "2011-10-05 12:25:00" [<other-arguments>]
    Important usage note:  The cutoff time must be well understood
    by the business user and whomever runs the stagingprop utility.
    If data that is changed or inserted before the cutoff time is
    changed again after the cutoff time, the latest changes will be
    propagated.  If data that is changed or inserted before the
    cutoff time is deleted after the cutoff time, there will be
    propagation error.
    The latest available maintenance information can be obtained
    from the Recommended Fixes for WebSphere Commerce technote:

Temporary fix


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27 January 2012