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  • Closed as program error.

Error description


Local fix


Problem summary

  • The following defects have been fixed in
    DB2 LUW V9.5 FP5.
    538885:dpropr.mqpub:Oracap:engine issues encountered
     during win32 system test
    Incorrect datatype for SCN on Windows 32 was exposed.
    Windows Oracle Capture was being built with the incorrect
    version of oraocci10.DLL, causing undefined behavior at
    548644:dpropr.mqpub:fix the commitSeq for Oracle Capture
    The commit timestamp for an Oracle transaction does not
    have enough precision. It's lacking the fractional
    seconds. This may lead to loss of transactions since the
    commit timstamp is now compared for every transaction
    since V95FP3.
    561072:dpropr.mqpub:add Oracle libraries for HP IA 64 to
    support this platform for QCAPTURE for Oracle and enable
    ORACAP support for HPUX IA64
    548649:dpropr.mqpub:fix several issues with
     QCAPTURE for Oracle
     1. fix SIGSEGV on Linux/Windows during startup
     2. fix timestamp format when populating structures for a
        SQL statement against the database
     3. fix trace back call for monitor insert
     4. fix query to gather constraints - performance
     5. fix query to gather log information - performance
     6. check for minimal supplemental logging on database
        level and archivelog mode
     7. fix QAPPLY, allow DECIMAL(10-18,0) to BIGINT -> needed
        for Federation setup Oracle -> Oracle
     8. add create table to DML parsed statements - add more
        output what kind of stmt failed
     9. fix memory leaks during transmgr destruction
    10. fix memory leak of log reader for oracle (oractx)
    11. add auto-restart of log reader when OCI_NO_DATA is
        encountered during a fetch from V$LOGMNR_CONTENTS
    544165:dpropr.mqpub:QCAPTURE STATUS SHOW DETAILS should
     display OLDEST_DB2LOG that contains minimum restart LSN
     among all sendqueues
    234968:dpropr.mqpub:trans_published monitoring counter is
     not updated for published transactions on queues in the
     delimited format.
    252668:dpropr.mqapp:Agent threads may get SIGSEGV if STOP
     issued during Browser startup due to early exit by
     Main thread
    During browser startup, stop message handling by browser
    thread is incorrect as it does not check for pending
    stops.  This may lead to browser forced termination by
    Initial/Main thread followed by early exit.  This can lead
    to Agent threads getting SIGSEGV / core dump, due to
    dereferencing of cleaned up memory.
    564278:dpropr.mqapp:Unsubscribed identity columns should
     be tolerated and no ASN7533E should be issued in this
    QAPPLY fails to activate a subscription if it has
    unsubscribed identity columns and issues ASN7533E.  The
    environment set up is broken due to failure to activate
    subscriptions because of this error.
    540873:dpropr.mqapp:Where possible, Q and SQLAPPLY should
     inforce WFO semantics during load or full-refresh phases
    Forcing 'Wait For Outcome' behaviour through load phases
    in QAPPLY and SQLAPPLY Required changing the internal
    binding mechanisms for all SQC files.
    557002:dpropr.mqapp:The HH.MM and HH formats of applyupto
     parameter of asnqapp aren't supported for Qrepl
    235944:dpropr.mqapp:Stored proc string parms codepage
     recorded incorrectly in SRC_COL_MAP of
    For target Stored Procedures, if parameters are string
    like (CHAR/VARCHAR/...) the codepage info is incorrectly
    recorded in QAPPLY catalogs as '0'.  This causes no
    codepage conversions to occur for these parms.  Also
    subscription activation fails (schema) for stored proc
    targets if there are other subs defined (even if inactive)
    that have same target stored proc.
    543946:dpropr.mqapp:add load restrictions for XML to LOB
     and LOB to XML mapping due to insufficient support from
     available load utilities Changed option for load phase
     when a mapping between LOB/XML columns exist.
    Made sure correct load utility is chosen for different
    552731:dpropr.apply:SQLAPPLY gets -313 when an Insert is
     reworked to an Update with target_key_chg=Y, if
     key column is renamed on target table
    546834:dpropr.apply:SQLAPPLY got -803 from an Update for
     condensed CCD with target_key_chg=Y
    397976:dpropr.apply:improve error message processing for
     RI failures.
    397954:dpropr.apply:missing row when commit_count>0,
     RI violation is encountered
    538204:dpropr.apply:LUW asnload does not turn on
     "copy yes" when logretain and userexit are off
    537919:dpropr.apply:LOB data in the first row is not
     replicated in some condition
    551215:dpropr.apply:LUW SQLAPPLY crashes after connected
     to z/OS or I-series when DB2CONNECT_IN_APP_PROCESS=no.
    Can result in ASN0569E and SIGSEGV.
    533249:dpropr.common:QCAPTURE does not process STOPQ
     signals.  It displays message ASN0522I, but does not stop
     putting messages on the send queue.
    556486:dpropr.util:asnscrt does not support
     account strings > 20 chars
    Fix allows for longer account names when creating a
    replication service
    546112:dpropr.util:asnmon QCAPTURE Latency alert condition
     requires ORDER BY statement
    An ORDER BY MONITOR_TIME ASC clause has to be added to
    QREP.CAPMON query in asnmon QCAPTURE Latency alert
    condition.  The default index odering has been changed to
    MONITOR_TIME DESC which causes a problem in asnmon logic.
    546114:dpropr.monitor:asntdiff cannot handle more than
     17 key columns for Q replication
    asntdiff has a limitation in when invoked in the context
    of q replication that it only supports up to 17 key
    columns.  This could be easily exceed if there exists not
    replication key on the source side.
    228509:dpropr:Fix problems due to alter table add column
     and reordered row format.  Two issues are fixed:
    1. heap corruption due to alter table add column
       operations.  This only affects QCAPTURE
    2. Only insert/query the version tables if the source
       table is in reordered row format.
       This affects both Q and SQLCAPTURE.
    225032:dpropr:chgOnly feature in SQL Replication is broken
     for date,time and timestamp columns
    SQL Replication was not comparing time, date, timestamp
    values corrected.  This affects the CHGONLY option.

Problem conclusion

  • The defects described in the previous section have been fixed
    in DB2 LUW V9.5 FP5.

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