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APAR status

  • Closed as program error.

Error description

Local fix

Problem summary

  • The following defects are fixed in this fixpak.
    346371: QCAPTURE can't be restarted after database is
            unquiesced on nt32 platform
    352928: SQLCODE311 in QAPPLY log if the the
            lob_send_option is S and target type is CCD table
    349656: QCAPTURE can't put correct messages into queue for
            LOB value if the the lob_send_option is S and
            target type is CCD table
    350246: OraCap: update missing and duplicate data message
            in pub queue
    161475: asnpwd "Operation not permitted" on linuxia32 and
    326598: Update code to return extra tokens for some ASN
    349686: QAPPLY can't detect the wrong HAS_LOADPHASE and
            CONFLICT_ACTION values at all for CCD table
    345904: Oracle CAPTURE (asnoqcap) cannot start on linux390
            platform because OSSWaitposts can't initialize
    346583: Undoing limitation created by defect 159759.
            Max Nodes should not be limited to 350.
    346394: asnmon:getStatusFromTable bug fix for sqlerror
    159980: Added a new invocation parm IIGNTRIG to ignore
            trigger generated rows
    314424: "asnqanalyze gather list" does not work on windows
    159759: CAPTURE to support max nodes of 350
    159731: asnmon:check v95 arch level first before getting
             all parms and stop
    159719: LIRP1018: Allows sub-setting and filtering in
            multi-directional replication
    159702: update UniqDependencies testcase in qtest, use
            correct key cols for verification of results
    159560: remove last of OLD_CONNECTION references
    159048: Oracle CAPTURE: an internal error "SIGSEGV" in
            Oracle CAPTURE programe
    159547: dbConn for z/OS
    159251: APPLY agent DPF
    343898: asnanalyze fails with password file with new
    159248: z/OS: Global transactions with non unique global
            TransID's (GXID) are not hand
    159244: unique datasetname for z/OS ASNLOAD
    159070: LI 1015:  DPF > 16 nodes.  Removing restriction,
            and setting MAX NODE definition to 1000
            (which is the max in DB2)
    159036: improving trace in sqlStmtMgr, reliablity of using
    159004: z/OS - QAPPLY gets ASN0552E if Parameter style
            DB2SQL used in stored proc
    342947: asnpwd encryption migration to ICC
    158961: tolerate if no row was found in the
            IBMSNAP_APPARMS table for SQLAPPLY, fix schema
            name for IBMSNAP_APPPARMS
    158959: tolerate if no row was found in the
            IBMSNAP_CAPPARMS table for SQL CAPTURE
    340883: QAPPLY SIGSEGV when checking dependencies between
            transactions if cols in unique index > 16
    158925: z/OS: Tolerate -443 errors from Stored Procedure
            that returns SQLSTATE.
    158923: Validation of subscription fails in Oracle CAPTURE
            if a table is part of multiple log groups.
    158885: z/OS asnload: unique uid for DSNUTILS
    158816: Oracle CAPTURE: "PARSER: Column number for
            column "" could not be found".
    158783: fix bug with wrong offset for SELECT FOR UPD
            statements that was not completely fixed in 158486
    158747: add tolerate if no row were updated in
            IBMQREP_SENDQUEUES when state of queue is updated
    158677: SVT-Total occurrence of temp dictionary error is
    158676: Locking is minimized to improve performance
    158675: displays total count of temporary compression
            dictionary errors
    158616: rollback use of dbConn in SQL Replication
    158628: Remove OLD_CONNECTION #ifdefs from mqpub source
    158602: add parser workaround to LogMiner bug when single
            quotes are not escaped in UPDATE SQL statement SET
    330699: asnqapp stops with "Trace/BPT trap" after LOAD
            from Classic source
    158564: dbConn for EEE connections
    338794: 1> do not terminate APPLY Worker Thread when
            term=no if it fail
    158518: fixed special scenario where message size would
            keep on increasing until it hit limit
    158480: correctly aligning data for printSqldata Solaris
    158494: global synchtime is not advanced if there is no
            capturable transaction
    158470: Remove deprecated datalinks and LUW V7 logreader
    158486: fixed setting the correct offset for the
            SELECT FOR UPDATE LOB log records
    158449: rebasing asntdiff to dpropr_v95 code
    158448: asntdiff: fix diff table creation with max length
    158447: revert QAPPLY to original connection code
    158404: changing message text for 7160W
    158400: file name changes for allowing Z compilation
    158399: old dbConnection and new dbConn coexistance in
    158340: Inlined LOB functionality is not handling NULL
            values in indexes correctly.
    158339: QAPPLY failed ASN7512E RC5 for LONG VARCHAR to
    158276: code for producing statistics in flush thread to
            warn when fetch times
    158285: add asnoqcap.sys file check upon startup of
            Oracle CAPTURE
    158287: fix handling of DBCLOB/CLOB chunks when writing
            them to a XML message
    158288: add undo/compensation log record handling for
            DML (INS, UPD, DEL) for Oracle
    158312: Replication migration issues from replication 91
            with DB2 V8 in z/OS to
    158316: modifying flush message to only display when
            average fetch time exceeds commit
    158324: LOADX=Y load is failing with -300, when the table
            names are longer
    158326: QCAPTURE must send VARCHAR data for both
            LONG VARCHAR and VARCHAR
    158333: missing rows problem
    333131: Fix subscription parsing and tolerate pruning
            errors in AdminThread
    158218: Oracle nclob chunk fetch requires setting char
            form for each iteration
    158237: modify flush thread to use OCCI to generate
    158124: fix use of new limits set by asnoqccmd in prune
    158126: LOB_SEND_OPTION restricted to only INLINE for
    157965: APPLY fails with SQLCODE300 on z/OS
            (or +100 on udb) when updating register
    157966: ASN0569E "AsnQMFmt" : "N/A" : "Initial" :
            The program encountered an internal
    157967: ABENDS0C4 in delTrans()
    157988: Change P2P version column names to upper case for
            KATAKANA codepages
    157999: context interrupt for luw, modifying dbQueryStatus
            and its usein cmdsEngine
    332504: DB2 z/OS V9 2 node BIDI LONG VARCHAR ADD COL
            INCORR behavior
    157954: strerror() in asnlatch.h not found when building
            on Solaris
    157875: remove rows from a transaction that were rolled
    157882: remove check for SQLDATA == 0 in writeXMLRowCol
    157886: remove ifi length check
    157890: handling Oracle logminer CSF bug
    157901: Enable BIDI with Oracle Nicknames.
    157780: fix tolerating missing ibmqrep_igntran table and
            tolerate missing igntrantrc column if table
    157789: concatenate sysin to parms field
    157808: DB2 connection update - DB2DbConn, cmdsEngine
    157823: increase buffer size for the SQL_REDO/SQL_UNDO
            strings in the log records and
    157845: missing CC elements asnDB2con.SQC/h
    157705: fix length calculation of strings containing the
            escape character single quote
    157707: tolerate leading blanks before DDL statements
            (i.e. ALTER TABLE)
    157724: fetching nclob from Oracle in utf-16 requires
            2 byte aligned buffer
    157736: Update STATE information for Active subs when
            CAPTURE does a coldstart
    157747: set correct isLast value in the transaction header
            of XML messages when
    157589: Empty IBMQREP_TABVERSION table in P2P and BIDI
    157626: remove possible parenthesis surrounding the default
            value of a column value
    157508: asnmon rm couts zos restriction with LE 1.6
    157456: code drop replace old dbConnection with dbConn in
            SQL Replication missed files
    157420: code drop replace old dbConnection with dbConn in
            SQL Replication
    157408: adding asnEnv to connect(); removing cyclic header
    157222: first drop of correct lob CCSID handling for lob
            fetches on z/OS
    157204: SUPPRESS DELETES with search condition
    156976: fixing issues with UTF-8 Clobs in asnoqcap
    328098: Update on added columns might fail
    327713: QAPPLY can't detect the foreign key if the target
            table is in MSSQL server
    157052: Remove replication program dependency on IBM IOC
            (SCLBDLL) because they are not shipped with
            z/OS V1.9
    327501: CAPTURE starts failed in warmns mode after
            altering src table's structure
    327503: ASN0569E  "Q CAPTURE" : "ASN2" : "WorkerThread" :
            The program encountered an internal error
    157010: ASNQLOAD doesn't handle SQLCODE551 correctly
    156815: added optional INPUTDA to execDeleteWithCursor
    156830: Use subID and subVersion to disable subscription
    325740: asnpwd encryption migration to ICC
    Adding extra text:
    this apar changes apply to tolerate connection
    failure to the control server.  sql30082n or

Problem conclusion

  • Fixes for the defects listed above are
    available in DB2 LUW V95 FP2.

Temporary fix


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