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  • 5740XYR00
    DB2 OEM Product problem/fix info (Cont of II14195)
    ============KF 03/01/2011=======================================
    ABEND0C4 from DSNLZS01 after recovery from ABEND0C4 from
    DSNXORHV. The stack storage was for DBM1 when DIST is the
    current primary. PR entry before the ABEND0C4 DSNLZS01 to the
    module DSNLXOQS was observed from module CQMTED91 at PM20720.
    APAR PM33890 for rocket software is the fix.
    ======== 02/16/2011 MA Ritosa ===================
    DDF thread may not cancel. Dump shows the thread is
    suspended and SSRB PSWE will point into module
    CASR230K. There will also be possible PC 317 which
    is a SUSPEND.
    CA causer fix RO25216. CA corrective fix TE49856
    ========KF 12/22/2010===========================================
    ABEND073 RC00000008 from DSNVSRX during the SETLOCK OBTAIN for
    CML lock as it was already held.  S073
    This resulted in DSNV086E RC00E50054
    From the systrace, one can see ROCKET had FRR to recover from
    ABEND0C4 and did not release the CML. SYSTRACE should show
    PSACLHS is always 00000001 after retry from ROCKET QM FRR.
    PM28593 is identified as the fix for PE PTF UK59202
    ==== M.A. Ritosa 11/29/2010 ===== DDF startg with CA
    Customers running CA (eyecatcher CASR230S) may
    see DDF startg status due to DDF startup service task
    suspended by a CA module. This can cause DDF startup failures
    with 00C200F3 abends due to syslgrnx serialization locks being
    CA has provided reworked TE49817 (CCS R11) and TE49824 (CCSR12)
    ==== Michal 10/28/2010 ==== AUTH Security product vendors/CA
    Customers using vendor auth exits DSNX@XAC (eg Top Secret from
    CA)after PK92315 ( UK53070/ UK53071) may experience following
    V9: ABEND0C4 RC00000004 DSNXAAPC + 1D66, ABEND04E RC00E70005
        DSNXAAPC P120, ABEND04E RC00E20028 DSNSVSTK + 0620
    V8: ABEND0C4 RC00000004 IN DSNXAAPC + 1D66
        ABEND04E RC00E20028 DSNSVSTK+0304
    Auth exit DSNX@XAC vendor does not follow recommendations on h
    to initialise exit, and do it on the fly after db2 is started
    and not during db2 initialisation as documented in DB2 API.
    Following is response from one of vendors, CA regarding this
    APAR PK92315 requires that the implementation our optional
    CADB2XAC exit to circumvent the problem.
    ==== GEPutintsev  10/25/2010 ========== Computer Associates
    dumps confirm GRP 12 & GRP 15 registers 25ACDAF8->  CASR230E
    09/21/10 15.18 S920 overlay.
    This CA Associations correction will be delivered as an update
    to TE49817(CCS r11) and TE49824(CCS r12). TTSDB2 when entry was
    reused the attempted cleanup of the ACEE abended.  Correcting
    the code in ENF/DB2 that notifies TSSDB2 that a request is a
    console command, so that cleanup of the ACEE will occur at the
    appropriate time.
    ======== 10/01/2010 MA Ritosa ===================
    Datasharing member ip address is not removed from
    the server list when setting maxdbat=0 with BMC
    Opertune resulting in applications trying to reach
    the member with maxdbat=0 and having connection failures
    BMC has provided fix #1675359 as part of BMC Mainview
    ========== MTANG 09/11/2010=============================
    DB2 startup hang. DB2 DDF startup task is suspended on
    an execution unit switch to SRB OPNLOGR00 which is stuck
    in the vendor Computer Associate code.Psw points inside:
    | SYSOPR  ......5.
    | ..5..&...00-*CAS
    | R230S 06/10/10 1
    | 2.09 S920     CO
    | PYRIGHT (C) 1995
    | AL, INC
    There was a S0C4(logrec) in the CA module and one of their sub
    task running in SRB mode never returned back the status to the
    parent. So, it was waiting. CA has some hooks into DIST AS to
    perform auth checking of DDF threads. That setup is where the
    problem is.
    ========= MTANG 09/03/2010 =====================================
    DBP1,ABND=04E-00E20013,U=CA7ONL  ,M=(N),C=910.UTIL
    The abend is due to severe storage fragmentation in the DBM1
    address space.  LPVTAVAL shows 872M and VSMDATA shows only
    7000x bytes of storage above the line in DBM1. The fragmenta-
    tion is in subpool 230 key 7( sp230 key7 ) with pattern below:
    DQE:  Addr 42F35000 Size     1000
                             FQE: Addr 42F35000 Size  1C8
                             FQE: Addr 42F35228 Size  DD8
    The storage block looks like the following
    42F35000.:42F3516F. LENGTH(X'0170')--All bytes contain X'00'
    42F35170 00000000 00000000 00000000 00A8BB50
    42F35180.:42F351BF. LENGTH(X'40')--All bytes contain X'00'
    42F351C0 00000070 00000000 00000000 00000000 X'00'
    42F351C0 00000070   00000000   00000000   00000000
    42F351D0.:42F3521F. LENGTH(X'50')--All bytes contain X'00'
    42F35220 00000000 00000000 C9C7C4E2 E2C9E2E2 |...IGDSSISS
    Note the eye-catcher IGDSSISS.
    This is from BMC Stopx37. The fix is BMC BPG6150. Cycyling
    the initiators is a work-around, or with MVSRM at 0902B, backing
    off BPG5809, BPG5830, and BPG5907 is an alternative.
    ========= KF 08/10/2010 ========================================
    Dump Title: PDB2,ABND=0C4-00000004,U=OVRPJV  ,M=(N),C=910.IFC -
    ABEND0C4 RC4 RC00000004 from DSNSVSTK. Newly acquired stack
    storage shows it is all x'00000000' causing this abend.
    From systrace, we see prior entry of CA code freemained and
    touching the storage after freemain. CA has determined that this
    will be fixed via TA8996B
    CA ACF2 RELEASE 14.0 possible overlay
    There is a possibility for an overlay when using AES1 as
    the encryption method for passwords and password phrases.
    To use AES1 a site would need to set the PSWDENCT(AES1) in the
    GSO PSWD record. We are attempting to zero out a buffer we used
    during the AES1 encryption process.
    We are zeroing out x'48' bytes too many.
    CIRCUMVENTION noted in TA8996B.
    A site could go back to using the PSWDENCT(XDES)
    encryption method.
    ==============MAR 07/29/2010============================
    DB2 RA10 ABEND04E RC0000D31010 from DSNLIRTR
    when running IBM Application Performance Analyzer.
    The DB2 V10 abend is occurring because of a PC instruction
    error in IBM  Application Performance Analyzer product that
    causes the high half of the 64-bit WLM parmlist address to
    be lost.
    Eyecatchers :
    5697-P36 IBM
     Application Performance Analyzer
    Dump information:
    ABND=04E-00D31010,,M=C9 ,C=101.LOCN
    =::FFFF:10.1.129.   ,LOC=DSNLILLM.DSNLIRTR:0009"
    Other keywords and symptoms:
    ABEND04E AB04E S004E 04E 04E-00D31010 00D31010 RC00D31010
      DSNLIRTR DSNLIRTR:0009 0009 ABNDID0009 ABID0009 VRADC0009
    R3 contains the WLM return code value of 00000008x.
    R2 contains the WLM reason code value of 0330080Bx.
    Just prior to this abend, LOGREC may show the following WLM
    related abend:
    0C4-0000003B IWMW2CRE
    The problem is corrected by Application Performance Analyzer
    APAR PM18468. This may also be seen for Mazda Software
    Corporation eyecatcher MZCAN.
    ==============KF 05/19/2010============================
    "DG02,ABND=04E-00F30999,U=NMAQRY1 ,M=(N),C=910.LOCN
     =::     ,LOC=DSN3AMGP.DSN3AUGC+1924"
    ABEND04E RC00F30999 from DSN3AUGC
     The SAF ROUTER shows
    | .00u.SAFRTSFR -  |
    | 01/02/09 09.08   |
    |   CA SAF  REL 14 |
    | .0               |
    |      COPYRIGHT ( |
    | C) 2008 CA, Inc. |
    |      ALL RIGHTS  |
    | RESERVED.        |
      This is corrected by CA ( Computer Associate ) UUTF437.
    ==============RL 10/15/10 ======================================
    Same symptoms as the entry above by ===KF 05/19/2010===
    The abend occurred at the same time CA TopSecret was cycled.
    The fix CA provided was BIT8954.
    ==============MTANG 05/17/2010============================
    ECSA shortage can be from vendor THRUPUT Manager product.
    Memory leak in ECSA at TMT6206. Control block eyecatcher is LUL
    Correcting APAR TR62128 in Error.
    Some storage associated with the SSIE control block belong to
    STC's is not being released during early SSIE release.
    It requires an IPL to free the orphaned storage.
    The amount of orphaned storage is x'8F0' or 2288 bytes.
    An ECSA shortage may result in an unscheduled IPL.
    ==============XUXIM 04/30/2010===============================
    DB2 got abend 04E-00E3000A at LOC=DSNTTMGR.DSNTTRUN+15F0,
    DSNTTRUN was running on EB 1F8F0568 and branched off to CA code
    DSNTTRUN regained control but now running with EB 1EA90540
    DSNTTRUN continued to run on the different EB and hit abend
    00E3000A when deleting its FRR. The 00E3000A abend was retried
    by DSNTTRUN's PRR (because the delete FRR failed so the PRR is
    still active).
    If we follow EB 1F8F0568's EBSKB to the DSNTTRUN savearea, its
    caller (R14=26292284)  points to code in CA:
     2628F000 60C4E35B C4C9C9C3 F999F1F1 4BF0F540 | -DT\DIIC9r11.05
     2628F010 40F1F261 F0F861F0 F8F1F74B F2F3404D | 12/08/0817.23
     2628F020 C35D40F2 F0F0F540 C3969497 A4A38599 | C) 2005Computer
     2628F030 40C1A2A2 96838981 A385A240 C995A385 | Associates Inte
     2628F040 999581A3 89969581 936B40C9 95834B40 | rnational, Inc.
     2628F050 A1D9D4C9 C44DE4C4 E3C6F3F7 F95D6D6D |~RMID(UDTF379)__
     2628F060 47F0F00C C4E35BC4 C9C9D5C9 90ECD00C |.00.DT\DIINI..}.
    ==============MICHALB 03/29/2010===============================
    DB2 stopped responding/looping in DIST
    SYSTRACE shows tight loop
    01-00DB 00000000  CLKC       070C2000 9D65B7BA  00001004
    01-00DB 00000000  CLKC       070C1000 9D65B7B6  00001004
    01-00DB 00000000  CLKC       070C0000 9D65B7B6  00001004
    Address 1D65B7BA belongs to CA product.
    1D65B630 C14040D3 D6C3C1D3 47F0F060 5CC3C1E2 | A  LOCAL.00-*CAS
    1D65B640 D9F2F3F0 C540F0F2 61F2F961 F0F840F0 | R230E 02/29/08 0
    1D65B650 F94BF5F9 40E2F9F2 F0404040 4040C3D6 | 9.59 S920     CO
    1D65B660 D7E8D9C9 C7C8E340 4DC35D40 F1F9F9F5 | PYRIGHT (C) 1995
    1D65B670 40C3D6D4 D7E4E3C5 D940C1E2 E2D6C3C9 |  COMPUTER ASSOCI
    1D65B680 C1E3C5E2 40C9D5E3 C5D9D5C1 E3C9D6D5 | ATES INTERNATION
    1D65B690 C1D36B40 C9D5C34B 1840900F 402C18CF | AL, INC.. .. ...
    1D65B6A0 BFAF1000 47000000 BF3F406C 58204074 | .......... %.. .
    Problem was fixed by CA with fix TE49809.
    ==============TBURCH 02/16/2010=================================
    Running Platinum FASTLOAD, ABEND0C4-10 occurs with dump:
    TITLE=DBT1,ABND=0C4-00000010,U=CA7ONLO ,M=(N),C=810.RDS
    DSNXACAE is at PTF UK53069. With UK49117 not applied, there is
    no failure.  At the time of the error, R10 contains X'40404040'.
    The CA fix is UGEF693 and applies to the following products:
    Fast Load     Release:11.5
    Rapid Reorg   Release:11.5
    Online Reorg  Release:11.5
    Fastcheck     Release:11.5
    Quick Copy    Release:11.5
    Contact CA for a fix.
    ==============RL 02/04/2010=====================================
    Overlay of a segment in a DB2 DDF storage pool.
    The overlay had the characters F4SA.
    A Neon fix was provide to solve the problem.
    SU010380      Collection error and possible storage corruption
                  when distributed v8 transaction does not include
                  a program name.
    ==============KF 01/20/2010=====================================
    Multiple DSNW124I message with RC940C4000 because of bad ACE
    BMC has found BPD3921 as solution.
    Other symptom ABEND0C4 RC11 RC00000011 from DSNWARDS
    BMC monitor is issueing IFI call with bad ACE address multiple
    times causing the trace to stop and issue RC00E60831
    ===========MTANG 01/19/2010=====================================
    2-bit storage overlay by CA product
    00E50002 abend in DSNVXUL0+27C release latch where latch is
    already released. Calling module DSNB1CPL+0F82 is overlaid with
    2-bit E330 D308 becomes E3301308. The CA fix is UTTF168.
    Bypass is to restart DB2.
    ================= SGCATALANO 05/21/2009 ========================
    ABEND102 RC04 on POST due to bad key when running Compuware
    Xpediter.  Symptom info includes dump with following title:
    OEM fix info = XFT0118
    Abend0c1 in an unkown module                 LJY 07/07/2009
    After STROBE abend13e, a PC to DSNXERD received abend0c1
    because the code handled the PC was freemained.
    CA fix number is UDTF413
    ========= 11/10/2009 MARitosa ==================
    DB2 DDF dist threads ABND=0C4-00000011
    DSNL027I ABEND=0C4 REASON=00000000 when
    running CA/Detector. The abend0C4 is issued
    by DT$DIIC9, eyecatcher shows as:
     07/27/0917.22 (
    C) 2005 Computer
     Associates Inte
    rnational, Inc.
    CA advised to apply PTF UDTF424

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