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APAR status

  • Closed as canceled.

Error description

  • This is a DB2 R910 RA10 RB10 IRLM R101 R220 R230 storage usage
    error informational APAR.
    This APAR will be replaced by FIX CATEGORIES (FIXCAT) for
    DB2OVRLAY/K for storage overlay and DB2STGLK/K for storage leak
    See more information related to FIXCAT at
    Please first READ important information noted in II04309 for
    DB2 storage usage concerns.  The only info contained in this
    infoapar will be the apar/ptf fix list.
    number   R910     RA10     RB10
    PI38032   n/a     n/a     OPEN     RC00E2000F DSNSVSFB
    PI34029   n/a     n/a     OPEN     RC00E2000F DSNUGRAR RUNSTATS
    PI33337   n/a     UI25987 UI25988  RC00e2000c DSNXOYP1 DSNSVSVB
    PI32354   n/a     UI26120 UI26121  RC00E20004 -TERM UTIL RECV
    PI31611   n/a     UI25413 UI25414  RC00E2000F DSNB1CPS DSNB1ABO
    PI31477   n/a     OPEN    OPEN     RC00E20003 -DIS DB LPL
    PI31442   n/a     n/a     OPEN     RC00E2000C DSNXECT DSNSVSVB
    PI31527   UI25534 UI25535          RC00E20004 DSNSVBK DSNIGSEL
    PI28696   n/a     UI24011 UI24012  RC00E20005 REORG UTILITY
    PI27998   n/a     n/a     UI24047  RC00E20001 explain stmtcache
    PI23366   UI23463 UI23461 UI23461  RC00E20015 INCREMENTAL REBND
    PI21272  n/a      UI21247  UI21248 leak -display thread
    PI19842  n/a      UI20621  n/a     overlay sqlpl create func.
    PI16377  UI17928  UI17929  UI17930 overlay edm 0C4 dsnlxrel
    PI16260   n/a     UI21017 UI21018  RC00E2000C DSNXOMTX
    PI14696  N/A      UI17409  UI17410 0C4 DSNSCON2 or 00E20005
    PI14647  n/a      n/a      UI17152 overlay DSNJB006 00E20006
    PI13895   n/a     UI17539 UI17540  RC00E2000C DSNB1OPP.DSNSVSVB
    PI09411  n/a      UI15030  UI15031 overlay 0C4 DSNTDCST
    PI08508  n/a      UI16670  UI16670 ECSA storage
    PI08158  n/a      UI15417  n/a     overlay DSNGEDFR
    PI06843  n/       UI22578  UI22578 00E20004, 00C90303 ADMF BCT
    PI05582  UI14873  UI14871  UI14872 leak, SSAT blocks
    PI05093 irlm23 fix only            leak, IRLM PVT 00C90092
    PM98530  n/a      UI16606  n/a     leak, ECSA parallelism
    PM96666  n/a      UI13813  UI13814 overlay when update
    PM95800  UI17726  UI17723  UI17724 leak, 00E20015 REXX storedP
    PM95754  n/a      UI22642  UI22643 leak, 00E2000C High Perf.
    PM95270  n/a      UI12788  UI12789 00E2000F periodoverride LOAD
    PM94968  UK97484  UK97483   n/a    overlay lobdata hybrid join
    PM94447  n/a      n/a      UK97258 overlay reorg utility
    PM94429  n/a      n/a      fin     stg full from START/STOP DB
    PM93896  UK97398 UK97396  UK97396  leak, RAIM, RAIE blocks
    PM93348  UK97865 UK97783  UK97850  overlay, 00E20002 BRF/RRF
    PM92701  UI12645 UI12644   n/a     leak  from signon failure
    PM91265  UK97972  n/a      n/a     overlay 0C4 dsniost2
    PM91243  UK96550 UK96548  UK96549  overlay from select stmt
    PM91165  UK96654 UK96653  UK96651  00E2000C
    PM91163  UK97251 UK97250  n/a      00E2000F
    PM90157  UK96325 UK96324  UK96323  overlay SQLCODE404
    PM90487  n/a     UK97245  UK97246  00E2000F DSNSVSFB4
             V8       V9       V10
    PM89611  n/a      UK95293  UK95293 overlay RUNSTATS, 00E2002F
    PM89529  n/a      n/a      UK95411 overlay UNLOAD ut, 00E2002F
    PM89502  n/a      UK95355  UK95354 overlay, DSNXOQSJ
    PM89500  n/a      n/a      UK95579 leak, SPRC blocks dyn. cache
    PM89035  n/a      n/a      UK96085 leak, VSFB blocks DSNXVTRS
    PM88334  n/a      n/a      UK95189 overlay REORG 00C90101
    PM87568  n/a      UK94175  UK94174 overlay DDF STARTUP
    PM87367  n/a      n/a      UK98286 overlay DSNXOCS +50FE
    PM87261  n/a      n/a      UK95216 overlay REORG RESTART
    PM86225  n/a      UK94461  UK94460 overlay ABEND0C4 DSNTBAP
    PM86069  n/a      UK95319  UK95318 overlay RC00E2000F union
    PM85939  n/a      UK94465  UK94466 overlay RC00E20001 DSNIROBD
    PM85850  n/a      UK94934  UK94931 overlay LOAD 0C4 DSNUGSTB
    PM84852  n/a      n/a      UK93951 overlay IFCID239 bad name
    PM84750  n/a      n/a      UK93475 overlay AE PM82301
    PM84501  n/a      n/a      UK94618 overlay long quiesce UT
    PM83072  n/a      UK93546  UK93547 overlay DSNNXCMT DSNSVSVB
    PM82763  n/a      n/a      UK92490 overlay 00C90101 DSNODAL1
    PM82709  n/a      UK92535  UK92534 leak, RC00E20016, TLST block
    PM82500  n/a      n/a      UK93661 overlay, runstats ut
    PM82301  N/A      N/A      UK92353 OVERLAY 0C4,RC00C90101, LOB
    PM81368  N/A      CANCELLED ------ RC00E2000F DSNILDVC REORG
    PM80664  N/A      UK93482  UK93482 RC00E20003 LEAK LOB
    PM80387  N/A      N/A      UK91718 OVERLAY CASE WHEN EXISTS
    PM80371  N/A      N/A      UK93127 LEAK SERVICEABLITY IFCID400
    PM80265  N/A      UK92093  UK92092 RC00E20013 MRBE BLOCK LEAK
    PM80263  N/A      UK92516  UK92517 RC00E2000C DCLN BLOCKS
    PM79540  n/a      n/a      UK93835 RC00E2000C large buffer
    PM79521  n/a      n/a      UK91121 RC00E2000C PE PM64376
    PM79378  n/a      n/a      UK92000 overlay RC00E20002 DSNXEFB
    PM78143  n/a      UK93066  UK93065 RC00E2000C SHTE leak
    PM77562  n/a      UK91578  UK91577 RC00E2000D AT DSNXGXTB
    PM77557  n/a      UK90675  UK90674 overlay LOAD utility
    PM77208  n/a      UK92917  UK92916 overlay cpu parallelism
    PM76421  n/a      UK83982  UK83981 RC00E2000C DSNXSMRE
    PM75488  n/a      n/a      UK83430 RC00E2000C pre-V8 package
    PM75473  n/a      UK91169  UK91168 DDF thread queued, stg full
    PM75288  n/a      UK83964  UK83963 overlay, RWA free 00E20005
    PM75165  n/a      UK90700  UK90699 overlay, remote minus sql
    PM75154  n/a      n/a      UK90722 overlay RC00E2000F alter
    PM74883  n/a      n/a      UK83278 RC00E20009 DSNXSMRE
    PM74851  n/a      n/a      UK83248 RC00E2000C workfile sort
    PM74421  n/a      UK83621  UK83620 RC00E20004 RC00C90303
    PM74406  n/a      n/a      UK83176 ECSA full of DDF SSRB, LSSD
    PM73314  n/a      UK83315  UK83315 ONE BYTE OVERLAY SQLCODE406
    PM73165  n/a      UK83808  UK83809 RC00E20013 Catmaint upd.
    PM72956  n/a      UK82623  n/a     overlay IDAA stored proc.
    PM72910  n/a      n/a      UK82733 00E2000F IN DSNSVSFB
    PM72885  n/a      UK83732  UK83731 ECSA leak sysplex query //
    PM72623  n/a      n/a      UK82737 RC00E20009 bind
    PM72035  n/a      UK83346  n/a     leak, from create view stmt
    PM71949  n/a      n/a      UK83093 overlay DSNXESP9 natv sqlpl
    PM71945  -----irlm apar-----       ECSA usage enhancement
    PM71009  n/a      n/a      UK82303 overlay RC00C90101 DSNISMCP
    PM70302  n/a      n/a      UK81725 ECSA increase IRLM SUBPOOL
    PM70091  n/a      n/a      UK81929 RC00E20018 AT DSNSTKGG
    PM69992  n/a      UK81947  UK81946 overlay RC00E2000F DECFLOAT
    PM69968  n/a      n/a      UK81900 overlay RC00E2000F SQDA
    PM69511  n/a      n/a      UK81960 overlay 0C4 abend DSNB1REL
    PM69441  n/a      n/a      sug     ECSA RC00E2001F DSNXRTSC
    PM69226  n/a      UK82226  UK82225 overlay ABEND0C4-10 cast
    PM69181  n/a      n/a      UK81046 overlay fetch first grpby
    PM69067  n/a      n/a      UK81304 overlay abend0c4 java sp
    PM68706  n/a      n/a      UK81306 stg leak DSNXOPLM PLANMGMT
    PM68704  n/a      n/a      UK90271 overlay abend0c4 Check UT
    PM68678  n/a      UK80560  UK80559 overlay abend0c4 grp restart
    PM68478  n/a      UK81224  UK81223 overlay RC00E20002 dsnxocu
    PM68459  n/a      UK81021  UK81020 ECSA RC00E20015 AIDL
    PM67806  n/a      OPEN     OPEN    STMT CACHE 2G pool full dmhe
    PM67539  n/a      n/a      UK80931 stg leak selp structure
    PM67049  UK80882  UK80883  UK80881 leak, SP unqalified scheme
    PM66288  n/a      UK79877  UK79876 overlay padded index
    PM66235  n/a      n/a      UK81878 RC00E2000C DSNSVSVB IFCID400
    PM66173  n/a      n/a      UK80522 stg leak bb1rmid
    PM66091  n/a      n/a      UK80413 overlay COPYTOCOPY Ut
    PM65722  n/a      UK81002  UK81001 overlay VARCHAR function dec
    PM65360  n/a      n/a      UK80191 stg mgmt high mstr cpu V10
    PM65236  n/a      n/a      UK79701 stg leak searched update
    PM65232  n/a      UK79442  UK79441 overlay RC00E2000E or 0C4
    PM64912  n/a      UK79590  UK79589 ECSA growth from prepare
    PM64902  n/a      n/a      UK80231 ECSA from command pool
    PM64738  n/a      n/a      duplicate of PM63756, overlay
    PM64646  n/a      n/a      UK81177 leak IPROC, insert into DGTT
    PM64376  n/a      n/a      UK83114 leak from MISC DDF blocks
    PM63979  n/a      UK79771  UK79770 RC00E20028 unload
    PM63910  n/a      cancelled----    overlay RC00E2000E DVS
    PM63849  n/a      n/a      UK79943 overlay Insert
    PM63756  n/a      UK80338  UK80337 overlay Mon. class 29 trace
    PM63328  n/a      UK80002  n/a     overlay RC00E20029 bind
    PM63324  n/a      UK79941  UK79940 overlay RC00C90101 Reorg shr
    PM62786  n/a      UK79872  UK79871 ECSA leak SADL/CITB sp231
    PM62554  n/a      n/a      UK79995 RC00E2000C DSNSVSVB
    PM62468  n/a      n/a      UK80166 overlay RC00C90101 Reorg
    PM62272  n/a      UK79294  UK79293 overlay RC00C90101 -START DB
    PM61872  n/a      n/a      UK80577 overlay D8E abend DSNVSRX
    PM61445  n/a      UK78110  UK78109 RC00E20005 Restore System Ut
    PM61424  n/a      UK77964  UK77963 DBRT_POOL full of PDA leak
    PM61344  n/a      UK78724  UK78723 edm pool full
    PM61086  n/a      n/a      UK77859 overlay one-byte remote bnd
    PM61031  n/a      n/a      UK78414 overlay RC00E2000F ifcid401
    PM60826  n/a      n/a      UK79281 leak with work file
    PM60650  n/a      n/a      UK78404 RC00E20003 DSNB5COM bb1rmid
    PM60533  n/a      n/a      UK78700 leak from P proc
    PM60349  n/a      n/a      UK78277 ECSA DSNSRSUP RECOVERY
    PM59558  n/a      UK78113  UK78112 leak when LOB with CCSID
    PM58526  n/a      n/a      UK76938 RC00E2000CNative SQL proc
    PM58289  n/a      UK78425  UK78424 RC00E20005 Reorg
    PM57820  n/a      UK77558  UK77557 RC00E20002 Spaceblks
    PM57752  n/a      n/a      UK76774 leak QCAPTURE IFCID306
    PM56904  n/a      UK78075  UK78074 RC00E2000C DSNXRSPL Native
    PM56361  n/a      n/a      UK75989 leak 8-byte orphan
    PM55143  n/a      UK77106  UK77041 overlay ECSA
    PM54903  n/a      n/a      UK75944 overlay IO paralellism
    PM54498  n/a      n/a      UK76033 leak access path
    PM53943  n/a      UK76201  UK76200 leak select from update
    PM52922  n/a      UK75160  n/a     leak, SQL huge in-list lit
    PM52409  n/a      n/a      UK74520 ECSA exhaustion, big stack
    PM51933  n/a      UK74770  UK74769 leak select from merg
    PM51072  n/a      n/a      UK75394 RC00E20003 DSNIWCUB CGTT
    PM50870  n/a      n/a      UK73903 RC00E2000C stmt cache 2G
    PM50560  UK73474 UK73475   UK73474 RC00E50002 after RC00E20016
    PM49886  n/a      UK73886  UK73885 overlay Reorg tablespace
    PM46946  n/a      n/a      UK72853 leak SLTX_PERF_STATS ifcid58
    PM41119  n/a      UK69691  n/a     stg leak, sqlda hop-site
    PM40886  n/a      n/a      UK69292 overlay,
    PM40646  n/a      UK73226  UK73225 overlay,
    PM39119  n/a      UK69132  UK69131 overlay
    PM37884  UK70193  UK70194  UK70192 overlay, dsnxots many OR
    PM35418  n/a      UK67660   n/a    one byte overlay query
    PM35062  UK67468  UK67469  UK67467 stg leak, buffer pool
    PM33480  UK66507  UK66508  UK66506 overlay, sqlda size,dsnxexat
    PM33341  n/a      UK65747  UK65746 XML overlay,element function
    PM32398  UK67394  UK67395  UK67393 overlay DDF as/400 as server
    PM32162  n/a      UK66051  UK66050 00E2000C DSNKISPL.DSNSVSFB
    PM31813  n/a      n/a      UK69055 00E2000C DSNGEFLC.DSNSVSVB
    PM31545  UK65468  UK65469  UK65467 00E20017 in DSNSTACK join
    PM31424  n/a      n/a      UK65444 00E2000C DSNSVSVB log buff.
    PM30928  n/a      UK65465  n/a     overlay Bind,PM15908/UK63208
    PM30757  n/a      n/a      UK65843 00E2000C DSNXELX DSNSVSVB
    PM30611  n/a      UK66194  UK66193 overlay, various symptoms
    PM30593  n/a      n/a      UK65445 stgleak above the bar rslist
    PM29080  n/a      n/a      UK64897 overlay 00E2000F DSNSVSFB
    PM28704  UK64157  UK64158  UK64156 EXCESSIVE DSNB357I Msgs
    PM26942  n/a      n/a      UK63738 ALTER TABLE ADD 00E20003
    PM26753  n/a      UK64173  UK64172 0C4 at DSNSVBK, DB2 crash
    PM25392  UK64373  UK64374  n/a     overlay auth exit used
    PM25115  UK62794  UK62795  UK62793 overlay CCB, auth exit use
    PM22087  n/a      UK62333  n/a     overlay when outer join
    PM21683  UK61376  UK61377  n/a     overlay with PK91699 applied
    PM21054  UK60827  UK60828  n/a     overlay various DDF abends
    PM18142  UK59008  UK59009  n/a     overlay get diganostics DDF
    PM17827  UK58879  UK58880  n/a     overlay 00E2000E DSNVGACE
    number   R710     R810     R910
    PM16611  n/a      UK61648  UK61649 00E20016 bind update stmts
    PM15044  n/a      UK59901  n/a     overlay cub, workfile
    PM14779  n/a      UK58848  UK58849 00E20016 DSNTIAUL DDF
    PM14701  n/a      n/a      UK57926 00E20005 Runstats
    PM12779 UK58029   n/a      n/a     00E20002 IN DSNXEFB
    PM12403  n/a      n/a      UK56567 00E20005 overlay SQL proce.
    PM12090  n/a      UK56181  n/a     overlay 00E20002 IN DSNXEFB
    PM11933  n/a      UK56700  n/a     overlay ABEND04E DSNXOLTI
    PM11472  n/a      UK58228  UK58229 overlay LOAD bad sysrec
    PM10548  n/a      UK55697  n/a     overlay PSA by JW008 recv
    PM10274  n/a      UK58767  UK58768 00E20001 select huge in-list
    PM09227  n/a      n/a      UK56745 stg overlay, LOAD input err
    PM08719  n/a      n/a      UK58821 overlay DSNLZVDA DSNLZCAB
    PM08638  n/a      UK56261  UK56262 stg overlay, 0C4 dsnstack
    PM08098  n/a      UK56285  UK56286 00E20029 DSNB1CPP DSNSVBK
    PM08093  n/a      n/a      UK56416 stg overlay, 0C4 dsnsvbk
    PM06992  n/a      UK56122  UK56123 stg leak parallelism str.
    PM04401  -----PE'ed--------------- huge BB1RMID pool from CRB
    PM03869  n/a      UK54384  UK54385 ECSA TRWA leak sp241, audit
    PM03691  n/a      n/a      n/a     closed fin/         DSN1COPY
    PM03163  n/a      UK54438  UK54439 00E20015 00E20003 DSNXEAAL
    PM03034  n/a      n/a      UK53986 DVS leak, BB1RMID pool
    PM02532  n/a      UK54133  UK54134 00E20028 after SKB overlay
    PM01819  n/a      UK52393  UK52394 ECSA/ESQA increase from SSRB
    PM01604  n/a      UK54421  UK54422 00E20004 DSNXEPR rebind
    PM01181  n/a      UK53035  UK53036 00E20004 -DIS THREAD
    PM00860  n/a      UK52863  UK52864 00E20005 sp result set
    PM00604  n/a      UK53423  UK53424 overlay, 00E20006, 00E20005
    PK98850  n/a      n/a      UK52508 Overlay, UNLOAD, DSNUULCA
    PK98337  n/a      UK52223  UK52224 00E20003 repair dbd diagnose
    PK97584  n/a      UK51426  UK51427 878 from DSN1COPY in REXX
    PK97562  n/a      UK51897  UK51898 Reorg, 00e20016 DSNUGMSG
    PK96623  n/a      UK51204  UK51205 overlay, UNLOAD DELIM. LOB
    PK96048  n/a      UK53678  UK53679 overlay, DSNX9CCM, DSNSVSVB
    PK94943  n/a      UK51176  UK51177 00E20003 DIST DBAA SQLDA
    PK94249  n/a      n/a      UK50115 00E2000D after PK60002
    PK93136  n/a      n/a      UK49948 00E20004 DSNLXCQ6 DRDS DBAA
    PK91144  n/a      n/a      UK49775 keep DB2 up after 00E2000E
    PK90935  n/a      UK49580  UK49581 00E20016, CU and SMSB leak
    PK90557  n/a      n/a      UK49713 stg overlay CATMAINT,RUNSTAT
    PK89926  n/a      UK49949  UK49952 stg leak,CUR blk hold cursor
    PK89791  n/a      n/a      UK49351 stg overlay, reorg
    PK89454  n/a      UK48300  UK48301 stg overlay PSA 0C4 DSNWAACT
    PK88917  n/a      UK49539  UK49540 stg leak stored proc. RSL
    PK88657  n/a      n/a      UK51202 00e20002 DSNICMT2, -551,-219
    PK88224  n/a      UK49337  UK49338 stg leak SLT when Stored P.
    PK87842  n/a      UK48717  UK48718 00E20029 DSNLCDG2.DSNSVBK
    PK87832  n/a      n/a      UK47694 00E20005 DSNGEPLC.DSNSVBK

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[{"Business Unit":{"code":null,"label":null},"Product":{"code":"SG19O","label":"APARs - MVS environment"},"Component":"","ARM Category":[],"Platform":[{"code":"PF025","label":"Platform Independent"}],"Version":"001","Edition":"","Line of Business":{"code":"","label":""}},{"Business Unit":{"code":"BU059","label":"IBM Software w\/o TPS"},"Product":{"code":"SSEPEK","label":"Db2 for z\/OS"},"Component":"","ARM Category":[],"Platform":[{"code":"PF025","label":"Platform Independent"}],"Version":"001","Edition":"","Line of Business":{"code":"LOB10","label":"Data and AI"}}]

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