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IC78911: MQRC_SSL_CONFIG_ERROR (2392) can be returned by MQCONNX in a client application


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APAR status

  • Closed as program error.

Error description

  • With MQCNO.Version = 4, the WebSphere MQ client code for
    MQCONNX accessed data in positions MQCNO.SecurityParmsOffset
    and MQCNO.SecurityParmsPtr, even though these are only relevant
    when MQCNO.Version >= 5.
    With MQCNO.Version = 3, the WebSphere MQ client code for
    MQCONNX accessed data in positions MQCNO.SSLConfigOffset and
    MQCNO.SSLConfigPtr, even though these are only relevant when
    MQCNO.Version >= 4.
    In either case above, after accessing the data as described,
    then if both fields contain nonzero values, the MQCONNX call
    fails with reason MQRC_SSL_CONFIG_ERROR.
    There is a specific scenario with the WebSphere MQ C++ classes
    that was experienced:  A user provided SSL configuration in a
    C++ program using the methods qmgr.setKeyRepository() and
    qmgr.setSslCipherSpecification().  The user supplied no MQCNO
    version 5 fields via the C++ classes.  The result was that the
    MQCONNX call failed with reason MQRC_SSL_CONFIG_ERROR (2392).
    The problem is not seen via the MQ C++ classes if MQCNO
    version 5 fields are supplied.  However, it should not be
    necessary to do this, just to work around this problem.
    This problem was not seen before fix pack

Local fix

  • Add  mgr.setPassword("xxxxxx") into the C++ code, where the
    password can be anything that you want.

Problem summary

  • ****************************************************************
    Users of MQCONNX in a client application, either directly, or
    via other libraries, such as the WebSphere MQ C++ classes.
    Users who are using MQCONN, or are using MQCONNX without an
    MQCNO block, are not affected.
    Users at fix pack levels before are not affected.
    Platforms affected:
    All Distributed (iSeries, all Unix and Windows)
    The WebSphere MQ client code for MQCONNX was accessing data in
    the supplied MQCNO (MQ Connect Options) data block that were
    only relevant to later versions of the MQCNO.

Problem conclusion

  • The WebSphere MQ client code has been corrected so that it no
    longer accesses data only relevant to later versions of the
    | MDVREGR 7.0.1-WS-MQ-AixPPC64-FP0007       |
    | MDVREGR 7.0.1-WS-MQ-HpuxIA64-FP0007       |
    | MDVREGR 7.0.1-WS-MQ-HpuxPaRISC64-FP0007   |
    | MDVREGR 7.0.1-WS-MQ-LinuxIA32-FP0007      |
    | MDVREGR 7.0.1-WS-MQ-LinuxPPC64-FP0007     |
    | MDVREGR 7.0.1-WS-MQ-LinuxS390X-FP0007     |
    | MDVREGR 7.0.1-WS-MQ-LinuxX64-FP0007       |
    | MDVREGR 7.0.1-WS-MQ-SolarisSparc64-FP0007 |
    | MDVREGR 7.0.1-WS-MQ-SolarisX64-FP0007     |
    | MDVREGR 7.0.1-WS-MQ-Windows-FP0007        |
    | MDVREGR 7.0.1-WS-MQ-AixPPC64-FP0006       |
    | MDVREGR 7.0.1-WS-MQ-HpuxIA64-FP0006       |
    | MDVREGR 7.0.1-WS-MQ-HpuxPaRISC64-FP0006   |
    | MDVREGR 7.0.1-WS-MQ-LinuxIA32-FP0006      |
    | MDVREGR 7.0.1-WS-MQ-LinuxPPC64-FP0006     |
    | MDVREGR 7.0.1-WS-MQ-LinuxS390X-FP0006     |
    | MDVREGR 7.0.1-WS-MQ-LinuxX64-FP0006       |
    | MDVREGR 7.0.1-WS-MQ-SolarisSparc64-FP0006 |
    | MDVREGR 7.0.1-WS-MQ-SolarisX64-FP0006     |
    | MDVREGR 7.0.1-WS-MQ-Windows-FP0006        |
    | MDVREGR 7.0.1-WS-MQ-AixPPC64-FP0005       |
    | MDVREGR 7.0.1-WS-MQ-HpuxIA64-FP0005       |
    | MDVREGR 7.0.1-WS-MQ-HpuxPaRISC64-FP0005   |
    | MDVREGR 7.0.1-WS-MQ-LinuxIA32-FP0005      |
    | MDVREGR 7.0.1-WS-MQ-LinuxPPC64-FP0005     |
    | MDVREGR 7.0.1-WS-MQ-LinuxS390X-FP0005     |
    | MDVREGR 7.0.1-WS-MQ-LinuxX64-FP0005       |
    | MDVREGR 7.0.1-WS-MQ-SolarisSparc64-FP0005 |
    | MDVREGR 7.0.1-WS-MQ-SolarisX64-FP0005     |
    | MDVREGR 7.0.1-WS-MQ-Windows-FP0005        |
    | MDVREGR 7.0.1-WS-MQ-AixPPC64-FP0004       |
    | MDVREGR 7.0.1-WS-MQ-HpuxIA64-FP0004       |
    | MDVREGR 7.0.1-WS-MQ-HpuxPaRISC64-FP0004   |
    | MDVREGR 7.0.1-WS-MQ-LinuxIA32-FP0004      |
    | MDVREGR 7.0.1-WS-MQ-LinuxPPC64-FP0004     |
    | MDVREGR 7.0.1-WS-MQ-LinuxS390X-FP0004     |
    | MDVREGR 7.0.1-WS-MQ-LinuxX64-FP0004       |
    | MDVREGR 7.0.1-WS-MQ-SolarisSparc64-FP0004 |
    | MDVREGR 7.0.1-WS-MQ-SolarisX64-FP0004     |
    | MDVREGR 7.0.1-WS-MQ-Windows-FP0004        |
    The fix is targeted for delivery in the following PTFs:
    Platform           Fix Pack
    --------           --------------------
    Windows            U200335
    AIX                U845856
    HP-UX (PA-RISC)    U847965
    HP-UX (Itanium)    U847970
    Solaris (SPARC)    U847966
    Solaris (x86-64)   U847972
    Linux (x86)        U847967
    Linux (x86-64)     U847971
    Linux (zSeries)    U847968
    Linux (Power)      U847969
    The latest available maintenance can be obtained from
    'WebSphere MQ Recommended Fixes'
    If the maintenance level is not yet available information on
    its planned availability can be found in 'WebSphere MQ
    Planned Maintenance Release Dates'

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  • R701 PSY


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07 December 2011