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The article introduces Ansible support for IBM i.


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Latest Update

A new release 1.1.2 of Ansible Content for IBM Power Systems - IBM i has been released in both Ansible Galaxy and Red Hat Automation Hub. Please check out the latest information through below links:

IBM i collections in Ansible Galaxy:

IBM i collections in Red Hat Automation Hub:


What is Ansible?

Ansible is an open source software provisioning, configuration management, and application-deployment tool. It helps on automating, modeling and orchestrating highly complex IT workflows for multiple nodes. Details about Ansible can be found via the link here:

Ansible and IBM i modules

IBM i systems can be configured and managed by Ansible running on Linux® partition, with IBM i specific modules installed. From system management and configuration perspective, there are many differences between IBM i and other types of operating systems such as Linux®. IBM i modules help on the tasks against native IBM i objects, database, securities as well as IFS environment. These modules with examples are open source and can be found via the link here:


If Ansible 2.8 and above is used, the 'gather_facts ' needs to be disabled for IBM i partitions for now. You can disable 'gather_facts' in the playbook as follows:

- hosts: ibmi
  gather_facts: no
Interactive Ansible command and playbook samples for IBM i can be found via this link:

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