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ANR2970E Database rollforward terminated - DB2 sqlcode -5099 sqlerrmc



A Tivoli Storage Manager Server database restore operation (dsmserv restore db) may fail during rollforward with error SQL5099N.


The Tivoli Storage Manager Server restore db fails with the following errors :

ANR2970E Database rollforward terminated - DB2 sqlcode -5099 sqlerrmc/home/tsminst1
ANR2032E RESTORE DB: Command failed - internal server error detected.
ANR9999D Thread<1> issued message 2032 from:
ANR9999D Thread<1> 0x000000010001b9d0 StdPutMsg
ANR9999D Thread<1> 0x000000010001d064 outMsgf
ANR9999D Thread<1> 0x0000000100a9e190 AdmRestoreDb
ANR9999D Thread<1> 0x00000001004544b4 admRestoreDatabase
ANR9999D Thread<1> 0x00000001000010ac main


The database backup was created from a server with a mirrorlogdirectory defined. The instance owner doing the restore does not have access right to the mirrorlogdirectory. DB2 defect IT03947 can cause the db connection to fail if the instance owner does not have permission to access the mirrorlogdirectory.

Diagnosing The Problem

After the database restore, a connection to the TSMDB1 database fails. For example :

$ db2 connect to tsmdb1
SQL5099N The value "/tsminst1/logmirror" indicated by the database
configuration parameter "MIRRORLOGPATH" is not valid, reason code "9". SQLSTATE=08004

The /tsminst1/logmirror path is the value of mirrorlogdirectory when the database backup was originally done.

Resolving The Problem

Create the missing directory structure for the Tivoli Storage Manager mirrorlogdirectory option (mirrorlogpath DB2 parameter) and provide sufficient permission for the instance owner to access to directory.

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17 June 2018