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Announcing IBM Big Replicate 2.14 - Hadoop Dev

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Announcing IBM Big Replicate 2.14 - Hadoop Dev


Today (September 3, 2019), I am very excited to announce the release of IBM Big Replicate for Hadoop 2.14, Object Stores 2.14, Hive and Backup 4.0, now available!

The IBM Big Replicate Suite will now add support to Cloudera Distributed Hadoop (CDH) v6.0-v6.2 platform along with Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP) v3.0-v3.1.


Big Replicate is a replication technology that gives you LIVE DATA — consistent data everywhere, spanning platforms and locations, even for changing data at petabyte scale. Big Replicate enables data replication for Hadoop and cloud object stores with continuous data availability and consistency exceeding the most demanding enterprise SLAs.


Moving big data operations from lab to production environments, across multiple hadoop distributions, and on-premise to cloud governed by data availability agreements is no easy task. Big Replicate helps customers solve these problems with the following benefits:

– 100% Availability of data with virtually zero RTO/RPO
– Reduced costs by doubling capacity with no increase in hardware costs
– Migrate to cloud easily with no problem and no downtime
– Fast and real-time data replication
– No vendor lock-in

What’s new in Big Replicate 2.14?

1. Hadoop 3 support
IBM Big Replicate 2.14/4.0 adds support for a variety of Hadoop distributions based on Apache Hadoop 3, including:

– CDH 6.0-6.2
– HDP 3.0-3.1

2. Writer selection
Writer selection is a mechanism by which the writer role associated with a specific Fusion server for each distributed state machine used by replication rules can be safely transferred between Fusion servers. It applies to two scenarios:

– A graceful handover from one node to another with minimal disruption in live operation, and

– A “coup” that allows for a new writer to take over responsibility for an old writer that is inoperable.

Visibility of writer role status is present throughout the user interface. Additionally, when a Fusion server stop is initiated from the user interface, writer roles for any affected replication rules will be reassigned to other nodes automatically. A Fusion server that is stopped by other means will not have its writer roles reassigned automatically.

3. In-Place Major Upgrades
IBM Big Replicate adopts a versioned communication mechanism between clients and the server processes for cross-version compatibility. This will help minimize system disruption during upgrades that follow the 2.14.0 release.

4. Path Mapping
Previous versions of IBM Big Replicate were limited to matching locations, where a replication rule assumed that the same base directory was used in each zone.

The 2.14 release adds the ability to replicate content between directories that are named differently in each zone. This feature introduces changes to the API and user interface, providing the ability to select different locations in each zone for a given replication rule.

4. Per-Zone Username Translation
Username translations that apply to operations performed in other zones when replicated can be defined in the “Username Translation” section of the user interface. These translations include the originating zone, so that different patterns of usernames that apply in each zone can be accounted for during replication.

5. Fast bypass (Disable Replication) option
The fast bypass mechanism uses the presence of a special bypass directory under the replicated exchange directory of the replicated file system to signal that clients should bypass coordination, as an extraordinary measure to promote continued cluster availability ahead of replication data integrity.

The 2.14 release adds the ability to enable, disable and check the status of this mechanism from the user interface.

        Technical documentation can be found in IBM Knowledge Center.
        This new release of Big Replicate offerings is available for download from Passport Advantage and Passport Advantage Express website.
        View Announcement HERE.
        Learn more by visiting US.

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