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Analytics Appliance System Moves and Add-On Hardware

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What is the correct process for moving a PureData System for Analytics, IIAS, or Cloud Pak for Data System appliance from one location to another or to install add-on hardware such as NIC cards?


A system move is needed or new hardware, such as a NIC or HBAs need to be purchased and/or installed.


Moving an appliance is a delicate operation requiring execution by IBM trained personnel. Incorrectly executed moves can potentially lead to data loss and/or loss to system functionality.

To maintain a supported appliance configuration under warranty, for all system moves including those within the same data center location and hardware upgrades, the IBM installation team must be engaged to plan and execute the service.

The IBM install team is available for these onsite services and can provide scheduling options and price quotes. They can be contacted directly by email

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The IBM install team will work with you to schedule and plan for a move or hardware upgrade, they will also engage support as needed to verify the health of the appliance ahead of a planned appliance move.

Self executed moves and hardware installations can void the appliance warranty in addition to the risk of potential data loss.

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01 December 2020