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All systems with EXP24S SFF Gen2-bay Drawer Feature Code #5887 attached PLEASE READ

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An EXP24S SFF Gen2-bay Drawer (Feature Code #5887) firmware problem has been identified and corrected. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Note: To determine if Feature Code #5887 is attached, review a rack configuration. That can be done by accessing System Service Tools (SST), via STRSST, sign in, then take the following options: 1) F3 (from Hardware Service Manager) 2) Option 1 Start a service tool Enter 3) Option 7 Hardware service manager Enter 4) F6 Format 1 Information printed . 1 Enter 5) F6 Format ....................... 1 Information printed . 3 Enter Then exit SST, WRKSPLF for the user, and display it accordingly to verify if 5887's are listed. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The defect results in EXP24S disk drawers intermittently becoming unresponsive to system commands. For mirrored systems, the disks in the affected F/C5887 drawer will become suspended. For RAID protected systems, the system will hang with srcA6000255 and srcA6000266. The only recovery is to completely remove power from the affected F/C5887. The affected F/C5887 will show no disk activity when it encounters this problem. The PTFs that correct this problem are now available. The PTFs for APAR MA44016 are: R611 MF59164 R710 MF58995 R720 MF59045 IMPORTANT: In addition to preventing the F/C5887 from locking up during run time, this code also corrects a problem where various false 50B1 and adapter errors are reported during the application of F/C5887 PTFs. This secondary problem may be encountered during the IPL to apply these PTFs. These are recoverable events and no parts need to be replaced. Please note that most of these errors reference isolation procedures and do not refer to failing parts. Follow the isolation procedures as recommended to verify there is no failing hardware. A second method to verify no hardware problems exist, is to perform a second IPL if time permits. The second IPL will not log 50B1 or adapter errors if the original errors were caused by the application of the PTFs. The following FALSE ERROR CONDITIONS (SRCs) may be logged during the IPL to download the firmware to the F/C5887: 50B115xx - False fatal power supply errors. 50B13002 - SAS Expander failed to respond. 57B58150 - Recoverable adapter error. 57B58140 - Follow SIP3150 to verify all drives are operational. 57B53400 - Follow SIP3150 to verify all drives are operational. 57B5410x - Device bus fabric errors. Follow SIP3152 to verify the SAS fabric is operational. 57B54060 - Multipath redundancy level reduced. Follow SIP3152 to verify the SAS fabric is operational.

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18 December 2019