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Administering multitenancy in Cognos Analytics



In IBM Cognos Analytics version 11.0, Cognos Connection must be enabled before System Administrators or Tenant Administrators can perform certain tenant administration tasks.

Resolving The Problem

Tip: Cognos Connection is the IBM Cognos Business Intelligence portal in version 10.2.2 and earlier.

Only some tenant administration tasks require IBM Cognos Connection. One of those tasks is allowing the System Administrator or Tenant Administrator to impersonate a tenant.

Use the following steps to enable Cognos Connection. You must have full administration privileges for Cognos Analytics.
  1. In IBM Cognos Analytics, from the Manage menu, click Administration console to open Cognos Administration.
  2. In Cognos Administration, on the Configuration tab, click Dispatchers and Services.
  3. In the toolbar on the Configuration page, click the Set properties - Configuration icon .
  4. Click the Settings tab.
  5. For the Environment >Advanced settings category, click Edit.
  6. In the Parameters list, type the portal.disablecc parameter, and set its value to false. Click OK.
  7. Access Cognos Connection using a URL in the following format: http://<server>:<port>/bi/v1/disp

You should now be able to perform your multitenancy administration tasks. You can also use the product multitenancy documentation in IBM Cognos Analytics Knowledge Center.

When the tenant administration tasks are complete, you should disable Cognos Connection by removing the portal.disablecc advanced setting.

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15 June 2018