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Adding unsupported second languages to databases

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How can you add an unsupported second language to Maximo?


Adding an unsupported second language to the database would allow non-English language users to view and make database changes.


Use the Translation Data toolkit (TD toolkit) to add unsupported language to databases.
The base language remains the same, and the other language is added as a second language.
For example, a Vietnamese company can add Vietnamese as a second database language.
Before you begin, XML Localization Interchange File Format (XLIFF) is an XML file with specific tags for the translation process.
XLIFF files follow the 8-bit Unicode Transformation Format (UTF-8) standard for formatting languages.


- Name the language code as VN as an example - this can be defined as you wish.

To export translatable data from the database, complete the following steps:
- In the \tools\maximo installation subdirectory, run the export command.
- Run the tdtoolkit -export batch file. This batch file exports translatable data into the \tools\maximo\xliff\export directory.
-To translate all XLIFF files from English to the localized language (eg, Vietnamese), complete the following steps:
- In each XLIFF file, find every instance of the <target></target> tags.
- Replace the text between the tags with the text in the Vietnamese language into which you are translating.
- To add the translated XLIFF files into the database, complete the following steps:
- Create the \tools\maximo\vn\xliff subdirectory in which 'vn' represents the two-letter language code. The two-letter language code is in the MAXLANGCODE column in the LANGUAGE table.
- Copy the files in the \tools\maximo\xliff\export directory to the new subdirectory \tools\maximo\vn\xliff.
- To translate the XLIFF file into the database, run the tdtoolkit -import -tlvn -versionV7500-000 import command in the installation directory.

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17 June 2018