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Accessing a iSeries DB2 (AS/400) database via JDBC

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Is it possible to connect to an iSeries DB2 (AS/400) database using a JDBC connection?




IBM Cognos Business Intelligence 10.2.1 FP3 and higher supports iSeries DB2 7.x via either a IBM DB2 JCC driver (DB2 Connect license required) or an iSeries DB2 JT400 JDBC driver (IBM Toolbox for Java - no additional license required).

Here are the steps for using the JCC driver, but note that the same steps apply if you use the JT400 driver except that you would use jt400.jar instead of the JAR files mentioned below:


Using DB2 JCC drivers versions 9.7,10.1, and 10.5, you can connect to an AS/400 database using a DB2 JDBC connection in Cognos. You will need two files namely: db2jcc4.jar(Type 4 jdbc driver) and db2jcc_license_cisuz .jar(license file). The db2cc4.jar may be obtained from the Data Server Client and and the license file from DB2 Connect.

The letters isuz in db2jcc_license_cisuz.jar stand for

is = iSeries (AS400)
u = udb (standard Windows/Unix DB2)
z = z/os or mvs (also called os390)

The db2jcc_license_cu.jar license file will not work for a connection AS400.

1) Copy the db2jcc4.jar and db2jcc_license_cisuz .jar files to <cognos installation path>\webapps\p2pd\WEB-INF\lib path

2) Restart Cognos

3) In Cognos Administration, go to Configuration---> Datasources, and Create a new datasource

4) in the datasource type, select IBM DB2, and check "Configure JDBC connection"

5) On the JDBC tab, specify: Server name, Port number and Database name. In the "JDBC connection parameters" box, specify the schema as follows: currentSchema=GOSALES;

6) Test the connection

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15 June 2018