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Accessing ClearQuest Web fails with Error 500 java.lang.NullPointerException when hyperlinking to, refreshing login page, or attempting connect from separate web-browser tab

Flashes (Alerts)


This Flash Alert is meant to inform you of an issue that occurs after upgrading IBM Rational ClearQuest (CQ) Web server to the CQ or CQ fixpacks, where users may receive a blocking Error 500 java.lang.NullPointerException.


This issue has been identified as a product defect under APAR PM86523.

The CQ Web SystemOut.log logs will also mention NullPointerExceptions.

While this error may be blocking within the current browser tab, the Change Management (CM) Server is still active.

Temporary workarounds:

  • Clear your browser cache, and connect only within a single browser-tab to CQ Web.

  • The CQ Web server is not down. If you connect from another machine, clear the browser cache, or use a new browser you can still log in.


To resolve the problem prior to the APAR disposition:

  1. Stop all CQ Web services (such as cqwebprofile/cmprofile).

  2. Locate the common.jsp file as follows:



  3. Backup the common.jsp file to common.jsp.original and keep it in a safe location, outside of this directory if possible (to prevent upgrade or install issues in the future).

  4. Modify the common.jsp file as follows:

    Find the section of code:

    loginId = (String)loginService.getLoginUserId();
    loginId = loginId.replaceAll("\"", "&#34;"); // WI40585
    if(loginId == null) loginId = "";

    Replace with:

    loginId = (String)loginService.getLoginUserId();
    if(loginId == null) loginId = "";
    loginId = loginId.replaceAll("\"", "&#34;"); // WI40585

    Save the file changes.

    Note: Unless otherwise recommended by IBM Rational Client Support, it is not supported to modify this file under any other circumstances other than the above mentioned workaround.

  5. Delete or rename the "_index.class" file to clear out the WebSphere Application Server (WAS) profile cache on the server:



  6. Start the CQWeb services

  7. Verify that a new "_index.class" file is created on the first attempt to access CQ Web.

  8. Clear the browser cache and close the browser.

  9. Re-open the browser and test or validate the solution.

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16 June 2018