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About Struts 2.x support with Rational Application Developer

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Does IBM Rational Application Developer for WebSphere Software support Struts v2.x?


Need to develop Struts v2+ Web applications with Rational Application Developer v7.5 and future versions.


No version of Rational Application Developer provides specific tooling for Struts v2+ (such as it does for Struts v1.x configuration file editors).

While the product does not provide any tools specific to Struts v2+, users can use it (across all versions) to develop Struts 2+ based application. For example, you will need to obtain the Struts v2 runtime files from the Struts Web site yourself and manually add them to (and configure them within) a Dynamic Web project in which you intend to use Struts v2+.

Note: A Struts v2+ application is treated as a standard Dynamic Web project.

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16 June 2018