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Information Centers provide a powerful on-line interface for finding technical information on a particular product, offering, or product solution.

The Information Centers are designed to:

  • Help you plan, install, configure, use, tune, monitor, troubleshoot, and maintain the product
  • Contain reference material such as product commands, parameters, and system values

Note: The information center is built upon open source software developed by the Eclipse Project.

IMPORTANT: Language of the content displayed in an information center is determined by the Language setting in your browser, if the content is available in that language.

From the Information Center, all the major documentation can be accessed.

Review the information in the Using this information center section to find out how to make this new technology work best for you.

Rational Team Concert 4.0 (All platforms)
Rational Team Concert 3.0 (All platforms)

Rational Team Concert for Linux and Microsoft Windows
Rational Team Concert for IBM Power Systems Software
Rational Team Concert for IBM System i
Rational Team Concert for IBM System z

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17 June 2018