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About IBM Maximo Linear Management


In technote Maximo Feature Pack, in the list of products includes IBM Maximo Linear Management


Q: I have Linear installed. How do I obtain the fix pack? I can't find it in Fix Central.

A: IBM Maximo Linear Asset Management is part of Maximo core. When you install Maximo Feature Pack, it updates Linear to Build 20170512-0100 DB Build V7601-06. No additional updates are necessary.


Q: I have Maximo installed, and need to add IBM Maximo Linear Asset Management. Where can I get the license for Linear Passport Advantage has 7.6.0, but not

A: Linear is part of core. If you need to add Linear to Maximo, go to the download note  Maximo Linear Asset Manager 7.6.0 for more information. As with Scheduler and Calibration, the package enables already-installed product and does not add any code.

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