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About the db_VISTA -919 error



This technote explains why the IBM Rational ClearCase logs identify database error "db_VISTA -919" and provides instructions to troubleshoot the problem.


The following errors may be seen in the logs:

Ok: *** db_VISTA database error -919 - error writing to a database/overflow file  
Error: DBMS error in "../db__do.c" line 117  
Error: DBMS error in /export/vobstore/<vob>/<storage>/<path>.vbs/db.

Error: db_VISTA error -919 (errno == "Resource temporarily unavailable")


Ok: *** db_VISTA database error -919 - error writing to a database/overflow file  
Error: DBMS error in "../db__do.c" line 117  
Error: DBMS error in /export/vobstore/<vob>/<storage>/<path>.vbs/db.

Error: db_VISTA -919 (errno  == "No space left on device")


CRRDM0383E *** db_VISTA database error -919 - error writing to a database/overflow file Loader done.

db_obj_get_info_V3: RPC: Unable to receive; errno = [WINSOCK] Connection reset by peer

multitool: Error: Trouble communicating with VOB database:"xxx.vbs".

Check database log on VOB host "hhhh".

db_abort_trans_V3: RPC: Unable to send; errno = [WINSOCK] Connection reset by peer

multitool: Error: INTERNAL ERROR detected and logged with the NT Event Service.

See the Event Viewer for the error message.

multitool: Error: Trouble communicating with VOB database:


Check database log on VOB host "hhhh".

multitool: Error: Unable to create VOB replica: error detected by ClearCase subsystem

vobsvr_remove_container call failed: RPC: Timed out

multitool: Error: Unable to remove "xxxx.vbs\s\sdft": timed out trying to communicate with ClearCase remote server.

multitool: Error: Versioned object base"xxx.vbs"



The errors can relate to one of the following problems:

  • Disk Space
  • Database Limitations
  • Large File Support Limitations
  • Corrupt .hostname file in the VOB storage directory
  • A VOB restore from backup encounters a stale vob_server process
  • Improper MultiSite mkreplica command option

Note: db_VISTA error -919" will be associated with end user operations failing with "error from VOB database" but generally will not result in VOB database corruption.

Resolving The Problem


  • Check for inadequate disk space on the VOB server. If the file system is low on disk space, move the VOB storage to a file system with more disk space.
  • If using a local view, check for inadequate disk space on the local machine.


Check the size of the transaction files (vista.tjf, vista.taf, vista.tcf) in the VOB storage db directory. These files may have reached their maximum size limitation of 2 gigabytes.

String File: In older versions of ClearCase, the strings file was limited to 2 GB, even on OS's that supported Schema 54, however, this limitation is no longer present in ClearCase version 7.0 and later. Review technote 1122951 for more information on reducing the size of the string file.

Transaction Files: Follow the steps outlined in technote 1133944 to resolve the problem.

Note: If the transaction files (vista.*) sizes are under 2 gigabytes, it is possible that the transaction files have become corrupted. Follow the same instructions above to resolve the problem.


Examples of large file support limitations include:

  • Any NAS device used by a Unix VOB server, where the NAS device is accessed over NFS version 2 (NFSv2). To change to using NFS version 3, remount the NFS export. If you are using an automounter to mount VOB storage, consult the documentation for the automounter as:
    • The automounter may not support NFSv3 (The default automounter in HP-UX 11.11 does not)
    • The method to force an NFSv3 mount will differ depending on the automounter in question.
  • The database resides on a Veritas file system (VxFS) which is mounted with 32-bit file support. 32-bit Veritas file systems only support file sizes to 2GB. To change the file system from no-large file support to large file support use the command fsadm -o largefiles <mountpoint>. For specific information on changing Veritas file systems, consult the Veritas documentation or visit Veritas support.

Note: Ensure the change is made to the file system on which the VOB resides to avoid unnecessary performance issues.

Once changed, the 2GB limit will be lifted and the problem should be resolved.


If the file is corrupt, the .hostname file must be deleted or renamed, and a new one will get recreated when cleartool register is run.

Windows Example:
  1. Rename the .hostname file:

    C:\Rational\Storage\VOB\vob1.vbs>ren .hostname old.hostname

  2. Register the VOB or view:

    cleartool register -replace -vob \\Hostname\ClearCaseStorage\CCVobs\vob1.vbs

    Note: The -replace switch is used because cleartool register created some entries for the VOB or view even though the command had failed previously.

  3. The VOB or view storage directory will now contain a new .hostname:

    C:\Rational\Storage\VOB\vob1.vbs>dir *.hostname
    Volume in drive C has no label.
    Volume Serial Number is 8723-79C9

    Directory of C:\Rational\Storage\VOB\vob1.vbs

    04/07/2006  02:18 PM                17 .hostname
    03/17/2006  02:37 PM                17 old.hostname


Kill the stale vob_server process for the affected VOB as follows:
  1. cleartool umount /vob-tag
  2. kill the vob_server process running on the VOB server
  3. cleartool mount /vob-tag


Attempts to run Rational ClearCase MultiSite 'mkreplica' command results in the error "CRRDM0383E *** db_VISTA database error -919 - error writing to a database/overflow file".

You are attempting to import the packet using -hpath and -gpath option.

Execute the multitool mkreplica import command without using -hpath and -gpath.

multitool mkreplica –import –workdir /tmp/ms_workdir –tag /vobs/dev –vob /net/<Server_name>/vobstg/dev.vbs –preserve –c "create XXXX  replica" /tmp/XXX

The packet can only be used to create replica "XXX"
- VOB family is c3f47cf3.71b111cd.a4f2.00:01:80:31:7a:a7
- replica OID is 0c39c3b8.727b11cd.abb5.00:01:80:31:7a:a7
Should I create this replica? [no] yes
Processing packet /tmp/XXX...
Loading database...
Loader done.
Registering VOB mount tag "/vobs/dev"...
VOB replica successfully created.
Host-local path: <Server_name>:/vobstg/dev.vbs
Global path: /net/<Server_name>/vobstg/dev.vbs
VOB ownership:
owner ...
group ...

Internal Use Only

Customer saw these error messages that ran out of disk space and db_vista -919 when running merge Manager when using a snapshot view where view storage was also local to the user's Windows PC.

The VOB server had 32 GB free on local drive on which VOB was located.

However, customer's PC had ran out of space. Her C drive was almost full. She freed-up 12 GB on the C drive and was able to restart and complete the merge using Merge manager.
-Chris Green Aug 26, 2011

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