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About Build Forge Agent permissions on Windows

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What are the minimum permissions needed for the IBM® Rational® Build Forge® Agent in a Microsoft® Windows® environment?


Required Permissions

The Build Forge Agent requires a bare minimum set of permissions in order to spawn a Windows command shell (cmd.exe) and run step commands.

On the Agent machine, the user specified in Server Auth must have these policies enabled:

    Log on locally
    Replace a process level token
    Impersonate a Client After Authentication
    Increase quotas
    Act as part of the operation system

The policies can be modified through the Windows Local Security Settings applet. If needed, you need to consult your system administrator or operating system reference manuals for assistance.

Important Note: User mode Agents require the above permissions for both the user who starts the Agent process as well as the user specified in Server Auth if they are different accounts.

Permission Error

When the Agent account does not have appropriate permissions to open cmd.exe and execute step commands, this error is reported:

Auth failed: Unable to set user account: Error (1314)

You need to perform a server test from the command line with BF_SERVERTEST_DEBUG to determine if the above error is the cause of the failure. Technote 1267063 provides more details on this environment variable.

System Requirements

As of Build Forge version 7.0.1, the system requirements are documented in the IBM Rational Build Forge Installation Guide.

Note: Refer to the installation guide for the version that you are running for any updates to the system requirements. Technote 1251262 links to all the available 7.x documentation.

[{"Product":{"code":"SSB2MV","label":"Rational Build Forge"},"Business Unit":{"code":"BU004","label":"Hybrid Cloud"},"Component":"Agent: Authentication","Platform":[{"code":"PF033","label":"Windows"}],"Version":"7.0;7.0.1;7.0.2","Edition":"Enterprise;Standard;Express"}]

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16 June 2018