IBM Support PTF UI52246 for Rational Developer for z System Host



Fix for IBM Rational Developer for z System Host (FMID HHOP951).

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In version 9.5.1, the RSE and JES Job Monitor related functions moved from IBM Rational Developer for z Systems to another product, IBM Explorer for z/OS. IBM Explorer for z/OS is now a prerequisite for IBM Rational Developer for z Systems. This implies that Rational Developer for z Systems must be reinstalled. There is no PTF to bring version 9.5 to version 9.5.1.
Refer to the IBM Explorer for z/OS support page for their recommended fix list or go directly to the Mainframe Dev - Eclipse Tools site for the latest IBM Explorer for z/OS PTF.

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Click to open the Program Directory.

Click to open the Host Configuration Guide.

IBM Knowledge Center provides an entry point to product documentation. You can view, browse, and search online information related to the product.

Click to review the documentation library.

Click to review a complete list of the defects (APARs) resolved in this release including a list of resolved defects for the entire version family.

Click to review the download information for the Rational Developer for z Systems client component.

Installation Instructions

[{"INLabel":"Installation Instructions","INLang":"English","INSize":"16564","INURL":"ftp:\/\/\/ps\/products\/wsed\/fixes\/UI52246\/ibm.hhop951.ui52246.instructions.html"}]

Download Package

  • Click the FC link below.
  • Click fix pack:
  • Download and extract
  • Follow the instructions provided in ibm.hhop951.ui52246.instructions.html

  • On
    [{"DNLabel":"PTF UI52246","DNDate":"30 Nov 2017","DNLang":"English","DNSize":"21360142","DNPlat":{"label":"z\/OS","code":"PF035"},"DNURL":"http:\/\/\/support\/fixcentral\/swg\/quickorder?parent=ibm%7ERational&product=ibm\/Rational\/Rational+Developer+for+System+z&release=","DNURL_FTP":" ","DDURL":null}]
    [{"Product":{"code":"SSQ2R2","label":"Rational Developer for System z"},"Business Unit":{"code":"BU011","label":"Systems - zSystems"},"Component":"Installation","Platform":[{"code":"PF035","label":"z\/OS"}],"Version":"9.5.1;;;;;;","Edition":""}]

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